Appointment on Wednesday


Im new to this site I have been reading alot of post and they have been a great help to me and helping put my mind at ease. My symtoms go way back I think and after many trip to GP and a very strange episode back in July which has left me with a right leg that realy doesnt want to work, it feels like it is floating and when its not doing that it has a mind of its own. I also have tremores in my right arm which are not there all the time but are on and off and realy anoying. My gp has put me on amatriptaline which has helped with the pain at night sort of. She has said she thinks it could be MS so sent me for a MRI. Which has come back clear but she said I still need to see a neuro doctor my appointment is Wednesday. I am worried sick that he will say its all in your head or somthing like that it is not in my head im sure.

So sorry about the rubbish spelling thanx for reading take care all xxx

Hi ‘Aunty’, I know exactly how you feel! I have my first appointment with a neurologist next week and whenever that little worry crops up I remind myself that I have a comprehensive, written symptom list (proof!) and that I will receive the help I need. Because that’s what the worry about them not finding anything is really about: not getting help. Have you written any questions down? I’ve got a few ready. I wish you well with your appointment :heart:

Try not to worry, Keep it simple, I ended up writing a list of symptoms and kept a note book on what happened and when, If I fell or couldtn get out a chair, when my legs or face was twitching e.t.c

For a nuro to diagnose MS it takes a lot of appoinments, scans, blood tests etc, So go wit an ope mind. My Nuro was lovelly she still is. She wanted to help and has done the best she can.

Just keep possitive and answer the questions, let them do the exams book in the tests and if your not happy with what they say, ask them whats next, you can always get a secnd opinion.

Good luck

Thankyou so much what a good idea I will write down what has been going on . I know there is somthing wrong somewhere I just need to be patient I will let you know how I get on. Just a quick question I keep getting a heavy feeling in the tops of my arms and a burning feeling around my uper stomach lower chest area could this be a symptom do you think? anotherone to add to the list maybe.

I know how you feel I had a neuro appt where I was told they were looking fos then have just had a clear mri. I have a follow up in 3weeks and am dreading them thinking its in my head but then I know I have symptoms of something so have faith Ax

Well its me again. Went to the neuro last week he looked at my mri and said it was clear did a small reflex test send it was OK my leg was all over the shop how can that be ok . He then said he didn’t want to see me again and no further tests was needed. As you mite guess I wasn’t very happy he was’nt interested in none of the symptoms I have just kept saying well your mri is clear so go and see your GP it could be a bit of arthritis which is causing the shakes in my leg. Which I have and she really isn’t happy. So she is sending me to another hospital for further testing she said it is something neurological but has to make sure its not musculoskeletal so she can rule it out. So here we go again more waiting lists.!!!