The Curry Controlled diet anyone?

I suffer from reflux and used to live on Gaviscon but now seem to have things under control. I saw an advert on TV this morning and wondered how you guys feel about a curry controlled diet I dont think I will be risking it.

Not for me Don, I dont like curry!

Have a good day.

Pam x

Ooh when I was younger I would have loved the curry controlled diet. Then they started giving me acid… now that’s under control with Lansoprazole… but I still can’t eat curry in the evening as I’ll be awake half the night… no real reason, just can’t sleep if I’ve eaten anything spicy or heavy for dinner. Nice one Don! Pat xx

I’ve got stomach ulcers and can’t eat any spicy food so I’ll definitely be giving that one a miss. We must all be a bunch of wimps as we haven’t any takers yet.

Cath xx

Cath I wondered if I might have ulcers but it may just run in the family my dad was always sucking Rennies

Don ulcers aren’t pleasant. I got mine from medication many years ago. They seem to settle for ages as long as I eat sensibly and remain healthy but eating curry or any spicy food is a big no. It’s worth getting checked out if you suspect them as they’re treatable. I don’t know if there’s a genetic predisposition but interestingly my dad has them too. I hope for your sake it isn’t that though.

Cath xx

I doubt it but my brother and sister suffer as well


I love curry and have it at least four times a week. I make my own from scratch. I never ever suffer afterwards. I never use any oil or fat when cooking it. It may be worth trying it with a good spoonfull of tumeric. Keep it mild. A hot madras is No,No. Rice can sit very heavy instead try gapaties (i know i have spelled that wrong) Take time when eating your curry as well.


Thanks Jane, I’ll give that a go as my family all love curry, I tend to have a dessert spoonful of curry with a good heap of rice. It’s okay but not something I have often. I tend to use loads of chutney to make it palatable.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Cath xx