the bridge

my treat for today is watching the last two episodes of the bridge which i have on series record.

the theme music is excellent too “hollow talk” by choir of young believers.

if you haven’t watched it yet, get it on catch-up because it is a very gripping suspense filled scandinavian police drama.

back to my telly now.

have a wonderful day

carole x

I’m a fan too… watched it last night. Saga doesn’t know how to lie, which can be amusing… or excruciating… or both! I’d rather have her on my side, though. I only realised as I got undressed to go to bed, that I’d been wearing my ‘Oresund Space Collective’ t-shirt all day… the group named after the Oresund Bridge (between Sweden and Denmark)… seems fitting for programmes like that! (They’re kind of Hawkwind-esque - but I love Hawkwind!) And the theme music does the programme justice… it just seems to fit. I couldn’t sing that well in Danish!

i agree!

the music is sort of ethereal.

oresbund space collective sounds interesting.

my husband has been a big hawkwind fan since he was 15 (he’s now 61).

we have seen them loads of times.

will have to get him to listen to OSB (fingers tired)

carole x