the bridge

scandi drama The Bridge has returned.

i’m hooked.

set it to series record and just done 3 episodes back to back.

the theme song is perfect for it too.

“hollow talk” by choir of young believers.

the only drawback is that we are having lovely weather and the series fits better with winter.

I’m watching… we do a lot of scandi drama stuff. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry at Saga sometimes - things like tact and diplomacy are an alien world to her, as is knowing what not to say in polite company. She’s a damn good copper, but not much of a people person. I’d rather have her on my side than against me, though!

she was interviewed on BBC breakfast with the male copper.

apart from her the cast all speak danish, she speaks swedish.

she says that her character has communication issues and the language barrier helps her to play the part of someone stuck behind an invisible screen.

what a good way to describe autism.

i can’t stop playing the theme song on you tube.