The Bridge! (A Scandi-Crime post!)

I know some of you lovely people share my love of Scandi-crime thrillers. Isn’t the new series of The Bridge fantastic? I’m trying to work out where that woman… the one who’s husband had the cheek to offer her a boob job for her birthday!.. fits in. I think her husband is having an affair with her sister. When he asked about who had visited her (the two wine glasses in the sink) she said her sister… and he obviously didn’t believe her… I think because HE had been with her sister all day!!! But where that sub-plot is going to fit in with main plot, I don’t know (any ideas?). Saga is a fascinating and as infuriating as ever… and I did love it when she told that boy that he wasn’t responsible for his brother’s death. For once she showed some sensitivity (if in rather a blunt way). Your thoughts please fellow fans… Pat xx

Its great isnt it I thought that when he said the plane was delayed. I am loving my Saturday Night sub title fix

Oh how I wish I could cope with subtitles…for some reason they totally exhaust me…however…the good news is that I’ve just been told The Bridge is available from the US…In English…without the subtitles…now all I have to do is find out where to get hold of it! Nina x

I really need to go on iplayer to catch up. I dont watch much television as a rule, but I just loved the Killing and got into Borgen. Something about all this Scandi noir stuff appeals to me. I find I’m nodding off half way through the 10-11pm bit though, due to baclofen dosage.

I am with you Nina, I cant cope with sub titles, but hope all you others enjoy it. Next Sunday Mr Selfridge is back, and I enjoyed that before.

Pam x

Awesome show. “Saga Noren Malmo County Police”, she has got Aspergers syndrome superbly weighed off.

Must be hard to play her part. I have enjoyed these sub title shows and this one is very well done fast and dark at the sametime GREAT.

Really enjoying this, I wonder what will happen next? I agree, was boob job man with her sister all along? Or is he higher up the chain of the activists? I kinda thought the mean/arrogant/clever student might come to a sticky end!

We record the episodes and watch at a later time… promising not to stay up too late to watch!

B x

Hi B, well they are definitely involved somehow… wasn’t it one of their employees who was poisened? It’s a great series… best thing on telly for me. Pat x

Hey Pat and others

Did you watch the final two episodes? So someone else is obviously involved… will there be a 3rd series?

I can’t believe Martin did what he did to Jens… will he ever work with Saga again?

Hmmm B x

Hi B, wasn’t it brilliant! There is going to be a 3rd series… And we’ll find out who else is involved. I think that man…father of the girl who was shot…has something to do with it. Remember how he didn’t call the police when the girl remembered what her attacker looked like. Can’t think how Martin is going to get out of it…bit I’ve got a feeling he will. Also I bet that he and Saga end up together! A new Belgium series starts on Saturday. Let’s hope it’s as good! Pat xx


I am with you all the way girl! I love all of these series. Some say they are too dark. I agree. However, they are real. I prefer them to most of the other American stuff on the telly! Glad to know there is another series of the Bridge. I hope Martin is ok, I have rather a soft spot for him!!

The new series Salamander, a Finnish series started last Saturday. Really enjoyed it. Hope you did too?

Here’s to Saturday night viewings! I will raise my glass to you !



Hi Anne, they are great aren’t they. Like Salamander too… great plot… not too keen on the detective, but it’s early days. Yes I’m so pleased they’ll be another series of The Bridge. Poor Martin!! I’m sure he and Saga will end up together. I think everyone’s got a bit of a soft spot for him! Did you see the 3 series of The Killing? Fantastic too. And the Wallander series (the Swedish one, not the Brit one). Great too. If you missed them it’s worth getting box set. Raising a glass back to you… I LOVE Saturday night viewings! Pat xx