Thanks for the help re anxiety

Hi everyone - thank you to everyone who replied. I called the doc today and got citalopram he’s asked to follow up in three weeks. He’s looking into a hyperventilation specialist physio, hence the delay… Still I’m glad someone is finally listening to me to be honest. Was starting to feel like I was losing the plot. Thanks for being there, Suz xx

Hello Suzie, Like you I have lots of aniety with my own brand of MS. I went on for years thinking that I was going loopy, but then I read about beta blockers and I asked my GP for some. He started me on these and I have never looked back. Tranquilisers used to make my limbs feel ten times worse, but the beat blockers fitted very well. I really do hope that you can get some relief from this rarely talked about but crippling symptom. Rabbit Fan.