Tests by Doctors/MSNurses?

Do you know why you would have these kinds of tests, before your ‘Ocrevus’ Infusion pls?

I was asked to do a test where i had to put tiny pegs into a flat bit of plastic, as fast as i could. I was being timed as i was doing too? Has anyone else been asked to do this pls? I was told it was for a test that the Consultant wanted, for him to see things. Just cant help feeling it was something else!



Hello Ben It is a functional assessment, you will get a EDSS score through the post mine was 6.5 last time. The 9 hole peg score was right hand 33 seconds in 2019 previously scored 28 seconds in 2018 so worse The 25 metre walk was 106 seconds in 2019 and 119 seconds in 2018 but 52 seconds in 2017 so twice as slow They are standard tests, for everyone with MS. I have asked a question below about Ocrevus can you comment Thanks Bert

Sorry Anne looked at you code and assumed you were a Ben should have checked. Looked at your 5 year history and surprised you have not had the EDSS before, never mind. Bert real name David

Probably just monitoring your condition.