hi all,

long time…

right, i’ve sufford from eds for 10 yrs + and finally, since ms, the doc’s are listening!

a guy came round to ‘fit’ me with a vacuum pump and i’ve just gotta say wow! had a short physical demo and things were def stirred up by it. see the gp for a script for it monday.

havn’t had a go yet, should have it late nxt week and hopefully give the wife a pleasent surprise!!

it’s from Medicare and its called SOMAerect if you wanna look?

will report any joy/prenancies soon


Hi Ben, had to google to see what it was…

Seriously hon, very best of luck with it! Glad that they are gonna help you after all these years!

I’m sure both you and your wife will be glowing with joy!

Pat x

I can’t google, as I’m at work but I get the gist…

that’s what wonderful news for you, hope you and your wife enjoy, lots and lots! :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Great news Ben! You’ll be like a couple of teenagers again in no time. Happy days!

can’t find any patient reviews! still excited though!

Oh Ben give me something to google and I can’t resist…

Found this forum discussion:

Put ‘SOMAerect forum’ into google and there are other links… also just with ‘SOMAerect’ a few Youtube links came up which might be of use.

Hope this helps Ben,

Pat x

Good luck Ben! Hope you have fun! Teresa xx

Good news Ben, GOOD LUCK Nina x

Good luck Ben.

getting messed around by the gp now, apparently she need’s permission to prescribe it!!! it’s run by a trust!! as usual it comes down to money not cure!! cost’s £160 so fingers crossed!!.. no-one’s said i could pay???

Hi, I was more interested by your mention of EDS, than t`other thingy.which I didnt know of beforehand.

Are you badly affected by EDS?

I got interested in it due to the actress on Corrie, who plays the girl in the wheelie.

As I had seen her get out of her chair, I was curious.

but yes, it is an awful thing to suffer with.

Hope you`ve got somewhere with the pump.


ooops, think i`ve boobed.

EDS is a condition where hyper felxibility can become so troublesone, that bones break easily.

I see now that your condition isnt the same as what I was thinking.

EDS and ED are quite different!!!

The actress on Corrie has EDS not ED.

I bet i`ve caused some titters with my mistake!


That did cause me a bit of a titter… but they both can be called EDS so very easy mistake… although hmmmm quite different conditions!

Hope you’re doing ok Poll?

Pat x

sending you a pm…for a moan!