Good news

NICE has approved the use of Ocrevus for PPMS. You do need to live in England, have been diagnosed for less than 15 years and have EDSS score of 6.5 or lower. It’s going to take 3 months for the NHS to get organised but they expect the first people to be treated then.

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That’s Brilliant news Moirah. It will help a lot of people. Michelle and Frazer xx

I set a post up on (Ocrevus (ocrelizumab) just a few minutes ago, thank you Moirah for being awake to this brilliant news!! I thought I was alone, thumbs up Moirah, no emojis. M x

Brilliant news. Just got an email from the MSTrust. Excellent - for some, but better than none. Finally a DMD for PPMS!


Reading it though i shant be able to get this as my scale is over 7 now. I am sure i have had it longer then 15 years

However, it is good news for the people just starting out on this mad journey, something at least to look forward too a hope.

A hope for their future. x

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Reading between the lines, not many will be given the drug. Even though it says diagnosed for less than 15 years I have a nasty suspicion that my CCG will turn round and say I have had the symptoms for many years. I would also suspect that every loop hole will be found not to prescribe the drug.

This cynic is waiting to be proved wrong.

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Hi Everyone

I’m very pleased they’ve eventually found something for ppms. It’s been needed. I too think that those of us who’ve been diagnosed for a while, even just 5 years, have a poor chance of getting the drug. I think it will give hope for the newly diagnosed and hopefully it will be effective in slowing progression for them.

It would be nice if we all qualified and got the drug but it’s very reassuring that rr isn’t the only type of ms worth research. Anyway, enjoy your weekend and the better weather we’re supposed to have next week. Take care.


Hi folks If it helps some PPMS’ers it will be good but pretty sure I’ve had it for too long. It’s out there somewhere for all PPs just wish I knew where! M x