EDSS online assessment?

Just logged in to the MS Trust survey & one of my questions was an online assessment survey.

Very odd assessment questions, saying I could rid myself from seeing a Neurologist & submit the results to digital doctors. To check on the progression of my PPMS.

All I know is, I wish this MS would disappear.

The self help, non medication route. Diet & exercise, doesn’t seem to be recognised.

Personally, I think I was abducted by Aliens & tested on. For being too intelligent.

They stole my identity & sold it on the black market.

It’s 4th of January 2018 at 20:53 pm in this dimension. The PPMS is progressing.

If I cure my PPMS, will I get a plastic medal? Or key to the next dimension?

Terry berry.

Not sure which self-assessment you did but here’s the one I was instructed to take in regard to a referral:

That aside, I’m hoping for Star Trek style medical intervention, anytime soon would be good

Sonia x

lol every time i see a neurologist i think ‘Beam me up Scotty’

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Off to watch Star Wars. Maybe The Last Jedi will gleen some light on what’s going on in this universe. Taking my son & his girlfriend, before we devour some Pasta Tuna. Eating healthy & keeping socially active. Keep it real & ignore the know it alls.

Hi Terry

Hope you enjoy the film, my grandsons all love Star Wars, but I just cannot get into it, seems to go right over my head.

Pam x

Hi there to you Pam. Star Wars is like any Sci-Fi or magical movie. It takes our imagination on a holiday from the hum drum of reality. I just had to cancel an Amazon Prime account, I never signed up for. I only found out when my bank was debited £7.99. It’s okay to live in a fantasy world, but we need to keep the finances real. Paying £6 to watch a movie at the cinema is a worth while adventure. Paying for something we never see or experience is crazy. Take it easy out there. Terry