New on here

Hi all, hope you’re ok
I’m Chris, new to the website, had MS for the past 10 year’s or so but still soldiering on. Single since August, doing ok but miss the company.

PS, just had my 3rd Ocrevus infusion, heard it’s a game changer?

Hey Chris. Welcome. Great support on here. I am waiting diagnosis so not sure on you question.
Good luck with it though :slight_smile:

Hi Suzy, Thanks for your reply, I’m hoping the Ocrevus is going to slow it right down.
Good luck with the diagnosis, was just wondering how long has your diagnosis taken so far? I was March 2016 but the neurologist said it was obvious to him I had it on previous scans after an accident in 2010 but it wasn’t picked up on.
Keep us posted and Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Chris

Welcome to the forum.

I’m sorry about the end of your relationship. It must make you feel lonely indeed.

Ocrevus does seem to be an excellent drug. I hope you get the benefits of reduced relapses as the drug seems to indicate.

You’ve had some poor luck with the 6 year delay to diagnosis. I hope you’ve not had too much damage to your system due to the delay.

We are generally a fairly friendly bunch on here. When people have questions we try to answer, and when what’s needed is support for the cr@p thrown at us by MS, we attempt to give that too.


Hi Chris,
Welcome to the forum. Hoe the Ocrevus helps.

It took about 9years for me to be diagnosed and have had it for over 30 years now.

I’m single - MS had something to do with the breakdown. To be honest I’m so much happier. I can do whatever I want, when I want. My ex wouldn’t take me out. No stopping me now! :smiley:

MS groups meet up for exercise, talks and socials if you’re interested.

Take care.

Hi Jen,
Thanks for the reply,
9 year’s to diagnosis takes some beating and well done for battling it for so long. I wondered if you were originally told it was labyrinthitis as I was? I’ve heard this is a common misdiagnosis.
Same as you, the MS was the decider with the relationship when it kicked in bad last year during lockdown and I came out of work, my ex partner went back to her previous partner this August, I was gutted when it happened but I understood her reasons why. I miss the companionship more than anything, don’t feel like doing things on my own but I do see my family as much as poss.
I’m really glad you found the happiness you deserve, I could do with some lessons please.
I will have a look at the local support group’s information you kindly sent to me as it would be nice to meet up with people in the same boat as us for a social.
Thanks again Jen,

Heiio Sue,
Thanks for the welcome and I hope you’re doing ok? The MS clinic held back with the DMT’s originally as I had shown no new damage since their diagnoses but had a biggy during lockdown last year, this and coming out of work put a real strain on the relationship and my partner eventually went back to her ex. I do understand why but felt a little let down.
Thanks for chatting Sue,