I got diagnosed in July '18, and since then I’ve been wondering what to think. I have relapse and remitting MS, and what that potentially means for my future is terrifying. My symptoms are extremely mild and i almost feel like the drs got it wrong! (Weird) i have started treatment with Ocrevus too. Its all happened so quick, i dont get it, its been a whirlwind 7 months…i don’t really know what the purpose of this message is, i just wanted to reach out. I deal with things like this in a very slow “drip fed” way, and my diagnosis catches me off guard sometimes… basically I’m just scared and i wanted to vent…

Hello Matt

Welcome to the Forum.

An MS diagnosis is a tricky thing to get sorted in your head. You can go through a whole load of stages, from disbelief, to shock, through anger, self pity (‘why me?’ ‘It’s really not fair!’) and so on.

When you have very mild symptoms, it’s not uncommon to think the doctors have got it wrong. But they probably haven’t. There are many people who visit this part of the forum who’ll read your post and wish they’d been given a diagnosis, just any diagnosis as they can often be living ‘in limbo’, having tests and just wanting an answer. You’re at the other end of the spectrum. And it’s just as hard to wrap you head around.

Your neurologist has got you started on an excellent disease modifying drug (DMD) anyway. Ocrevus should ward off potentially disabling relapses and with luck, you’ll continue to have mild symptoms for years to come, and maybe almost forget that you have MS.

Best of luck. If you have thoughts, questions, or want to just ‘chat’ with people who understand, keep coming on here, or the Everyday Living part of the Forum.