Good evening all,

Ok, tis is my first tim writing on a forum so apologies if i don’t follow the same etiquette as others!

So about me andwy am i here?

My name is Carl, i’m 28 years old living in the Bedfordsire area. I was recently diagnosed with MS (23rd May.) Feeling rather isolated and would like to be part of a community and contribute.

I’m really struggling to relate to any of my friends/family as they don’t understand how i feel and what MS is all about… Hence why I’ve been reading all sorts on here for days but finally plucked up the courage to join in.

Would be great just to hear anything from anyone :slight_smile:



Good evening Carl, I’d say welcome to the forum but as I’m quite new here it seems a bit presumptious of me…but welcome to the forum. Quite a scary time for you, are you receiving any treatment or are they leaving you to see how quickly or slowly you progress? Any questions you have I’m sure someone will be able to answer them. Maybe your family and friends could take a look on here and get a better insight into the world of M.S and remember that just because some of the people here get a symptom doesn’t mean you will too. Best of luck Jan

Hi Carl and welcome :slight_smile:

I’m fairly new here myself and while I have a diagnosis, I’m still going through other tests and waiting to see a MS specialist consultant where hopefully we talk about DMDs.

Was your diagnosis a shock to you, or had you already researched your symptoms and realised the possibility? Now that you know I would advise that you arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can about MS, this site has a lot of useful information.

Telling family and friends is really hard, my partner is still struggling to come to terms with it and I find it hard to tell friends as I don’t want to ruin the occasion. However, they do need to know and there are some really useful leaflets on here you can download and print or send to people to help them understand MS a little. I’ve also told the people that I feel need to know at work and printed off info for them to understand the condition and also to explain the various medical appts I have had recently.

You haven’t said much about your symptoms and how you are, I hope you are bearing up and wish you well.


Hello & Welcome Carl, Glad you plucked up the courage to join our jolly band. You are far from being alone on here. As you have actually been Dx why don’t you post on EveryDay Living and on there are many folk who will have a chat. So don’t be alone, join in? Janet x

Hello Carl and welcome

Sorry about your diagnosis but glad you’ve decided to join us

Like Janet has mentioned, the everyday living link is good, plenty of lovely supportive people on this forum.

Sorry to hear your struggling to relate to family & friends about having MS, it’s early days though. How are you coping personally?

I wonder why you’ve picked carloss for a screen name…spanish blood in the family perhaps or maybe you’ve lost a car Lol


Good evening again :slight_smile:

Well i must say i wasn’t expecting a reply so thank you - really has lifted my spirits! How is everyone today? Sad to hear you too were diagnosed with MS… I hope you’re not finding it to difficult and have the support you deserve? What was your reactions when you found out?

I’ve been diagnosed with RRMS. This stemmed from Otpic Neuritis going back to 2006 which didn’t show the signs of MS in an MRI scan. It came back to haunt me Feb this year. I lost the majority of my vision in the left eye - recovering slowly now. Having a few issues with fatigue and pains in my legs. I was upset on finding out i had MS, spent a few days feeling deluded tryin to figure out what to do. Things are falling into place now and treatment will be starting too!

Out of curiosity, what type of MS do you guys have? Any food tips? Haha… I’m hungry all the time! Just me??

Thanks again for your replies :slight_smile:

P.S. Blossom, So you saw me in spain driving your car that i borrowed? :slight_smile: I’m guessing you’re seasonl on insulting people? Poor responce from me i guess. Not sure where the line is!

Oh dear! I wrote a huge reply last night and its not gone through… Shall write another this evening :slight_smile: Carl

Hello Carl We can see your message, glad we cheered you up :slight_smile: The moderators won’t let you post anything offensive, so don’t worry. Having said that, be gentle with me:-)

Actually!! I’ve just realised because I’m a bit slow in my thinking. Your the one whose insulted me…humph!!! :slight_smile:

Hi Carl, You asked what type of MS we have, I have SPMS that’s why I say post on Everyday Living there is lots for you to learn and many, many people to chat to. Janet x

Hi Carl, welcome I am fairly new here too expecting diagnosis on Thursday. Once I posted here on the site I felt so much better, suddenly I felt I had support. Hopefully you will feel the same. ann