Newly Diagnosed, thoughts on Ocrevus?

Hi all,

I have just been diagnosed with highly active relapsing and remitting MS. The consultant has recommended me to start on Ocrevus. I am meeting with the MS nurse soon and then hopefully will be booked on to start treatment. I was not given any different treatment options, just was told I would be going on Ocrevus. Does this happen sometimes that you are just told which treatment you will be going on?

I wondered what people’s experiences have been like when starting on Ocrevus? I have read a lot about this already and read previous posts too, but thought I would start a new post.

I’m aware the first dose is split into two separate doses across two days two weeks apart. After these both have been given, has anyone noticed feeling much better ? Or has it taken year or two for it to work properly and settle?

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


There’s a range of drugs that are much of a muchness, but when you get on to the drugs for more active disease, it’s less a matter of ‘pick any one out of a hat’ and more a matter of individual best fit on the basis of expert assessment. Great that you’ve had a clear steer from the neurologist - some poor folks get less support, t seems to me. I hear it’s a great drug, and I hope you do well. (I don’t have any experience of it - I’ve been on Tysabri for years, but hear good reports.)


Hi Alison,

thank you for your message. Yes I feel lucky that I have had good direction from my neurologist. Hopefully it will begin soon as I haven’t been well. I just hope I notice a difference in myself after the first dose, but not sure if it works like that or takes time?

I have heard good things about tysabri also!

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im on ocrevus at the moment,im having my third infusion on thursday, i hear that ocrevus is one of the better drugs and i had a mri in august and the consultant tells me that there is not much progression from my previous mri 2 years ago,which is good, but my symtoms have got worse in that time but as with ms different people have different symtoms and severity of symtoms so what works fine for one person might not work at all for a different person you just have to try it and see how it goes.
if youre a bit of a wuss,like myself, i really dont like having needles or the sight of needles having the infusion is perfectly fine i was really anxious the first time but now im perfectly ok with it,so good luck and i hope it works for you.

Hi Ell,
For me Ocrevus seems to have been excellent. I was able to choose between a couple of treatments and went with Ocrevus because I would be likely to forget to take pills daily. I have had no significant relapses in last 3 years and the day in hospital has actually become welcome personal relax time. As with everything in MS it will differ between people but so far it been great for me. Hope this helps!