Hello :) Newly diagnosed

Hello everyone,

My name is Paul and I’m newly diagnosed. I’m a bit overwhelmed by everything at the moment, but I thought I’d say hello. It all seems a bit scary at the moment but I’m sure I’ll get over it. I look forward to meeting you and getting some advice regarding MS. I’m booked in for infusion therapy which I have no idea about. Any insights into infusions would be much appreciated :slight_smile: Hope you have a good weekend, Paul

Hi Paul

Just thought I would say hello.

I am still waiting for appointment after MRI. So no idea if i have MS yet.

Very good group of people here though

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Hi Paul
Tough break but at least you’re not alone on here.
What’s your status? Age, time that you think you’ve had MS (as distinct from time since diagnosis) and how it’s affecting you? Are you RR-, SP- or PP-MS?

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I was diagnosed with PPMS. I’m in my early 50s. I’m walking with a walking stick at the moment. My legs are weakening by the day. I have a lot of pain from my knees down to my foot joints. Looking back I think I’ve had really early signs for quite a while, but it really started kicking in early last year. I have some Ocrevus treatment coming up and I spoke to the Hospital about it yesterday. Paul :slight_smile:

Thanks, TeddyBI :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you, virtually.

Good luck with your diagnosis. If I remember correctly it took a few weeks from the MRI scans to be fully interpreted. I had two and various other tests.

It’s all a bit overwhelming. I had a talk with the hospital yesterday to discuss my forthcoming Ocrevus treatment. We’ll see, I suppose.

Good luck with the treatment. You’re fortunate that you qualify and I hope it slows things down for you. I’m a little more advanced than you and late-50’s but my MRI’s were not showing progression even though symptoms are worsening.

Hi Graeme, I was the same with MRI years ago and have drastically worsened I always think it strange but then MS is strange!

Hi Juls, my name is Paul nice to meet you :+1:

Welcome Paul

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Hello everyone, ive just joined today and have been meaning to for some time now. I was diagnosed in oct 2019 with RRMS and have tried 3 treatments since then from Tecfidera to avonex and now Mavenclad. I started having ms symptoms from 2014. I would love to make new friends and share my own journeys with you and also to help anyone who needs any advice and just a shoulder to cry on x