Been Refused Ocrevus Again ?

I was diagnosed with primary progressive ms in 2017. The drug ocrevus became available I had my MRI scan and because there was no new lesions in the brain I was refused ocrevus, then covid started and i finaly again had my MRI scan that I has requested for so long and my consultant has refused disease modifiying therapy ocrevus once again because apparently it shows no new lesions. I do not know what to do can somebody please help me all I want is ocrevus. I am on zero disease modifying therapy. Please can somebody advise me on how I can get this drug because I am very scared my condition is getting worse by the day. I can barely stand now and it’s not going to be long before I end up in a wheelchair. This has made me so depressed and I am already on medication for my depression since 2013.
Anybody with advice will be much appreciated.

It might be worth asking if you are suitable for this trial.

  • ORATORIO-HAND (O’HAND)- Ocrevus​ compared to placebo

This phase III study is designed to evaluate the effect of Ocrevus​ on hand and arm function in people with more advanced disability, including those who use a wheelchair. The study will recruit approximately 1000 participants with EDSS between 3 and 8 and includes eleven study centres in the UK. The main measure of the study will be the nine-hole peg test, a measure of arm, wrist and hand function. A secondary measure will be onset of disability progression, measured by the number of participants with an increased EDSS which persists for 3 months or longer.
Estimated completion date April 2028.
Further details(link is external) of this study.

Ocrevus (ocrelizumab) | MS Trust

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HI, as far as I’m aware, the criteria for getting Ocrevus is that you cant have had MS for over 15 years and must still be walking.

I guess your neuro has his reasons for not giving it . Mine told me the possible side effects were quite nasty. So perhaps that’s something to think about.


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I was at the neurologist yesterday and spoke about ocrevus. I’m not sure I want to have it but am now going to have an mri to see if I am eligible then I can decide.
The criteria is there needs to be active lesions which is what the mri will show and be less than 6.5 on the edss scale (which I am).
It is crap that this is all there is for PPMS.
I would look at what medication you can get for the different symptoms- I’m on baclofen and gabapentin for spasticity and pain, use an AFO for drop foot - and am considering going private for a FES (you’ve waiting years in my area on the NHS)
Good luck

I have had PPMS for 14yrs. In 2019 I was told by my neurologist that I was eligible for Ocrevus, Covid hit and then I was told no. I want this drug too and I have emailed MSnurses this week to ask them to ask if the neurologist if he will reconsider his decision.