Does anybody know if NICE have turned down approval for Ocrevus being prescribed for PPMS?

Please the attached link.

Looks a decision is fairly imminent.

There is an up to date link that says its been turned down (sorry l dont know how to add link)

Looks like it. This was published today:

"Why the committee made these recommendations

There are currently no disease-modifying treatments approved for primary progressive multiple sclerosis. Clinical trial results show that ocrelizumab can slow the worsening of disability in people with the condition, including loss of upper limb function.

However, the most plausible cost-effectiveness estimates for ocrelizumab compared with best supportive care alone are much higher than those NICE normally considers an acceptable use of NHS resources in all scenarios presented by the company. Therefore, ocrelizumab cannot be recommended for treating early primary progressive multiple sclerosis in adults. "

Lets hope they change their mind there are some good reports on its effectivness from Canada and USA. Its been approved for RRMS and as you know there are already DMDs that seem to be affective for that particular MS

Money again. I can understand that to a certain extent from the NHS point of view but if many, many medications are available which have identical content to named brands why can’t ocrevus also be produced in the same way. The drug companies have done the research but unless the result is affordable what is the point. In my opinion NICE should also be taking a more proactive role which would be to the benefit of the NHS, taxpayers and patients rather than just making Yes or No decisions.

Rant over for the day!

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Of course, Ocrevus was initially rejected by NICE for RRMS, but its decision was changed after further consultation.

We, including individuals and organisations such as the MS Society and MS Trust, have until 19 July to submit any comments via the NICE website.

A final decision is expected in October.

It’s not over yet.

Thank the Lord