Test Results..

Got a letter off my neuro today…

LP: show normal cell count, protein and glucose and were negative for oligoclonal bands

MRI: Cervical and thoracic spinal cord also normal

Bloods: Tests for copper within normal range. Can not see reslts for B12 but would expect this to be normal, will ask secretary to chase them up.

We have therefore not found any evidence for MS or any other pathology.

I shall arrange follow up in clinic in due course.

So it looks like I don’t have MS - I should be leaping for joy! But I’m not! I feel quite deflated. I really thought I’d get answers with these tests, now I am back to square one!! After 4 and half years of symptoms, some permanent, I really feel frustrated!! What is wrong with me then if it’s not MS!!! I still think it is but the evidence says different!

He didn’t mention VEP results. Also at least he hasn’t discharged me, I am getting a follow up appointment.

Jeez, I should be happy!!!

Julie x

So sorry that you are still waiting for answers. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but negative results can be helpful too - they help to cross a few possibilities off the list so that, while it doesn’t seem like it, you are probably closer to finding out what’s going on than you were before. The fact that the neuro hasn’t discharged you suggests that he still has some ideas. So don’t give up hope yet!

Hang in there.

Karen x

jules I so know how you feel… most of my tests have come back negative although my neuro ‘thinks’ there is some inflammation on my thoracic MRI he cant be sure because its a poor picture! Like you I should be jumping for joy when each negative test comes back but when you are feeling so rubbish with strange things happening to your body you do want to know what is causing it so that at least you can face it and deal with it…limbo stinks…At least for me my neuro has given me some gabapentin which has helped the pins and needles and burning pain hugely ( not completely). I hope you find some answers soon but I do know how you feel

take care sarah xx