Terrified of losing my drivers license

I was diagnosed with ms or the spot as we call it in our house so its not as scary on the 5th April. To be honest im a complete mess somedays with the whole thing but one of my main worries is losing my driving license. I have sixth left nerve palsy in my left eye which has got better as time goes on but it’s still not 100%. The dr told me that it should regain normal vision which i was going to wait until it does before informing the dvla but also worried they will penalise me for not telling them of the spot as soon as i knew. Any advise would be greatly appreicated.


You must notify the DVLA when you get a Dx of MS, Steph, and you should also notify your Insurance Company as well (that is in the small print as something like “… notify any material change which may affect your policy …”.

The second one is easy - I have never heard of anyone being refused insurance (but there could be someone out there who has), and they probably will not even acknowledge your letter.

The first one is tricky. If you have only had a verbal “probably MS”, and no written confirmation, then you could take a chance and wait until you see it in writing (but don’t leave it too long. When you notify the DVLA you will get a form to fill in that will ask what your condition is (yes, I know, you have already told them) and they will see that it is a neurological condition (if you have ticked the right box), and will then go to your neurologist (or whoever you have put down) and ask for a report, and then refer it to their medical panel and then make a decision. This can take some time (typically 10-14 weeks). What you do not do is to hand your licence back when they first ask for it (“oops, I forgot”)

The alternative is to hand in your licence on the grounds of a temporary condition, and apply to get it back when your eye improves. This might only take 1-2 weeks.

Only you can judge how fast your sight is recovering, and when you will be OK to drive. The DVLA are a bureaucracy, but no problem if it looks like you are playing by their rules.


I have a prism on my glasses atm which enables me to drive as it stops the double vision so I dont want to surrender my license temporarily either. Why does two stupid words have to turn everything upside down?

hi steph,

i stopped driving just before my dx because my right foot had no feeling. my tax was due for renewal so i rang dvlc to ask for advice. they told me i could voluntarily relinquish my licence and that i could apply for it back as soon as i felt able.

2 years later i got a motability car, automatic because of my numb foot. dvlc sent my licence back within 2 weeks. i didnt need to take a test either.

you really have to inform DVLC, i hope they treat you as well as they did me.

good luck

carole xx

Don’t worry. The DVLA will not take your licence away unless you are not fit to drive and if you aren’t, then you shouldn’t be driving anyway! If you know you’re fine to drive, you really should have no problem at all.

I actually didn’t tell the DVLA for 12 years - oops! Basically, I didn’t know I should have until I joined this site! All I did was put a letter in with the form apologising and explaining that I hadn’t known. It wasn’t a problem. Definitely better to tell them though - a £1000 fine is not something that most people can risk!!!

Karen x

Hi, sorry for jumping in here, but should I inform dvlc. I haven’t got a confirmed dx. I haven’t been driving but was wondering about driving again. Lynn