Terrified daughter has MS

Hi all.

My 21 year old daughter mentioned the other day that she had a pins and needles feeling in her arm. She hadn’t been lying on it or anything similar and it has happened a couple of times before.

Having had RR MS myself for about 25 years I can’t get it out of my mind that she has MS. I’ve tried to play it down with her but inside I’m falling apart.

Oh poor you. It must be frightening the hell out of you.

But remember, although MS can strike at any age, she is a bit young and you may just be extra aware because of your MS.

An MS relapse should last for at least 24 hours, has your daughters pin and needles lasted that long? If it has, then maybe suggest she sees a GP. And perhaps you should be honest with her and tell her your fears. I know it might scare her too, but at least she can ask the GP whether a referral to a neurologist might be useful.

And don’t forget, MS has changed massively since you were diagnosed. My MS nurse the other day said there are now 14 different DMDs with more appearing all the time. When you were diagnosed, there were the grand total of none. So someone diagnosed with RRMS today is likely to have a milder disease course than they might have done 25 years ago.

Meanwhile of course, I hope that your daughter gets checked out and it’s found that there’s nothing to worry about.


Thanks Sue.

Yes, I didn’t ask her many details as I didn’t want her to think I was worrying about her having it too . But she’s not stupid and is 21 so I should probably stop trying to wrap her in cotton wool so much!


Don’t forget Claire, although she’s 21, that’s still very young, as only you know. Deep down she’s still your little girl, so it’s completely understandable that you want to protect her. She’ll think she’s all grown up, but at 21, potential illness is absolutely terrifying. So I imagine you have a very fine line to walk, between treating her like a grown up, and being her Mum.


Pins and needles can be a trapped nerve or RSI or even carpal tunnel. So Clair, don’t worry and just talk to her.

I am absolutely certain that my 24 year old daughter has MS. She has had many symptoms, I would prefer that she gets diagnosed asap so that she can start DMD’s earlier.