Tennis elbow

Hi Folks - I have taken a very sore elbow / arm, went to my GP and she gave me a Ibruprofen rub and said that she will refer me for physio, if it doesn’t improve - anyone else out there have the same problem / ideas? I have a desk job, so I guess this probably is the reason for it.

Hello Redman

I have this with my elbows, mine is due to arthritis. Let’s hope physio helps improve things for you…combination of stretching excercises and rest is what I find helpful.

Take care

Hi Redman

I have suffered this too. Physio helped but although the pain was arm/elbow the problem is in my neck. If you have a desk job you may find that you are unware of your posture or if you are using a computer the screen is at the wrong height. Wrist supports can also help if you are using a keyboard. Hope it clears up soon. Mine improved after a few sessions of physio and modifying seating at my desk at home.

Thanks folks, much appreciated, to be fair, my work will probably refer me to OHS and the most likely physio.

Both of mine are a problem numbness in the mornings ,seen my GP and sent me for some tests .The outcome was compresion of both ulner nerves in the elbow, due to useing elbow crutches.The main thing that helps the most are night splints which stops me from bending my arms too much while i sleep .

hope this helps

Hi redman, I had terrible tennis elbow in my right arm several years ago, it was so painful you have my deepest sympathy, I declined physio as in truth could not find time to take time off from my very demanding job but after several months it was so bad and my neck was playing up too I took myself off to a chiropractor, and not only did he sort my neck after just one session my tennis elbow disappeared. It may not be everyone’s solution but it certainly was mine and enabled me to work without time off. good luck and I do hope you can get this sorted soon. joy x

I had tennis elbow a few years ago. It was caused by me switching the shower on! It was an over-bath shower fixed on the wall opposite the long side of the bath. It was up quite high up, I had to reach around the handbaison to turn the very stiff switch.

The shower broke and our landlords put a new shower in - and my tennis elbow disappeared! I had ibuprofen rub and a steroid injection, which didn’t help much as the cause of the trouble still happened every morning when I had a shower.

The point is - it may well be how you sit at work. Or it might be something else that involves you moving your elbow to do something else.

Good luck with getting the Tennis Elbow sorted. It is really painful, and we can all live without any more pain!


Thank-you - Joy / Ellen - to be fair my pain can run up into my neck and the right side of the back of my head, so it may take a bit of investigation to find out what the problem is, the ibrufon rub seems to be working, so far…

Wow - my tennis elbow pain was nowhere near as bad as yours sounds Redman! I only had the pain in my arm and up to my shoulder, which was bad enough. But that’s way worse - big hugs in case they help with the pain :wink:

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Hi Redman,

Sorry to hear you are suffering with bad elbow. It sounds like you have tennis elbow. Don’t worry you are not alone as it affects millions of people every year. And no you don’t have to play tennis to get it.

It could be related to your desk job. The reason I say this is because tennis elbow is caused from repetitive extension of the wrist and forearm. When you type on your keyboard and use your mouse, your forearm extensors become engaged and are under pressure in order to allow you to type and move the mouse.

Overtime, your forearm extensors can become strained, inflammed and may eventually tear.

As for remedies, pain medication will help with your symptoms but it is not a long term solution. There is alot of information available online. But to make sure you have tennis elbow, you can read this short article on what the exact symptoms of tennis elbow are:

Good luck,