Temperature all over the place

Hi Everyone,

For the last few days my temperature has been all over the place - up and down in matters of seconds.

I have rapidly evolving severe RRMS and new symptoms are just part of everyday life but do other people get this happening to them?



Hello Tim.

I often say my body thermometer is broken.Heat makes me poorely,at night I get so hot and feel like someone is pouring warm water over it is that bad,I throw off the quilt then my body cools and I am shivering,I put the quilt back over me and its drenched in sweat and darn cold.In winter were everyone else wraps up I would go around in jeans and a T-shirt.

If my body temp gets to cold I get numb fingers and feet and the only thing that can get them warm is a soak in the bath tub.

I am either very hot or darn cold,the weather maybe a nice day yet I can be freezing,I cannot win.I over heat or overly cold,there is no middle ground.


You could try getting into incresingly colder shallow baths of water,to cool yourself down. This trick used to serve me well, but I’m less prone to the heat now and cannot get into the bath safely.


I use a Kooler Tie to help keep me cool; I get very hot at times combination of MS and the Menopause; so I’m told. It costs £10 and needs to be soaked for half an hour before use. It stays cool for many days and wearing it keeps the body temperature down. You can also get cooler vests that are a bit pricey but I’m told you can make them using cooling gel.

Good luck


Hi Tim

This was one of my first symptoms 8 years ago.

I have bought an air cond machine from B & Q. This really helps.

Also, before I got the air cond machine I used to put a hot water bottle in the freezer. Just fill with water and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours then you have a nice cold water bottle for a few hours.

My semptoms elevate reaklly badly if I get hot.

Hope this helps.

Shazzie xx