temperature affecting me


New to the this forum. I used to live in a hot climate country (Malaysia) where i first got ill, after a load of scans, doctors etc I got told i “probably” have MS due the symptoms i displayed. I got treated with DEXALONE which seemed to make the issues I had reduce to nearly zero but the treatment came with side affects.

I have now had to return to uk for work but since I arrived here 5 days ago I have started to get the symptoms again (numbness in my legs and hands as well as weakness)

so my questions are:

does temperature trigger attacks? basically gone from 30 degC to 2-3 degC

Has anyone used DEXALONE before, and if so did you break out with ache ?

thanks for any advice

probably what you are experiencing is the aftermath of central heating. its dry air, and warm and temp can make you feel ill and even exacerbate symptoms. try and sit in a ventilated room if you can use a humidifier, dont forget mayalia is different to UK i expect more moisture in the air etc.

Temperature definitely affects me. I’ve never had to deal with that kind of extreme, but any significant weather change from one day to the next bothers me a lot.


A sudden change in temp can affect me quite a bit.My body takes a while to adjust.

My neuro told me to avoid extreme heat. Along these lines… Does anyone suffer after having hot showers?

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I haven’t been able to tolerate a hot bath or a hot shower for a long time. Extreme heat or cold effect me differently, too hot and I lose all strength and go (for want of a better explanation) floppy, too cold and I stiffen up with jerky movements.

Jan x

Our climate has changed too much and too quickly.

Hot weather makes me feel like a wet rag.

Cold weather makes me seize up.

I develop new symptoms overnight due to changes in weather.

I’m vexed because I have always loved and appreciated our planet and in return would like a bit of love back!

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Too hot, too cold, I get effected by both extremes.

I say my body has no thermostat!!
A change of 1-2 degrees affects me.
I have SPMS had M.S. over 30 years.

Nope, but that’s because I don’t have hot showers, because I know getting too hot will make me feel worse :slightly_smiling_face:. I feel so much better after a cool shower


Welcome back to Blighty.
I expect the stress and upheaval of moving back has contributed to symptoms flaring up. Stress often worsens symptoms, and even if everything went smoothly, it’s often said moving house is one of the most stressful things we do. So as you settle down, things may begin to improve.


Yes hot showers actually trigger my old symptoms for example dizziness, loss of balance. However I went on holiday about two years ago to Singapore and Malaysia and it was so hot, I was fine whilst I was there and tolerated the heat well.