Telling my girlfriend i have ms

Hello everyone, god bless
Im Omar 21,So i was diagnosed with ms since one year and few weeks and since 6 months i started that distance relationship with that girl we still never met each other and things just went more and more serious and we are deeply in love, we know basically everything about each other EVERYTHING, but i still didnt tell her that i have MS i dont know when and how and im afraid to that, i dont know how she will react besides that fear of her slowing down the relationship and running away until breaking up and more things…
so here is the thing she already bought the flight ticket to Berlin for 5.July and we are planning to make a trip around europe, so now im thinking if i should tell her about my MS now before we meet or in 4 eyes when she will be here, and im sure she will notice that there is something wrong with me because in fact we met once for 10 minutes in my homeland Palestine in spontaneous ‘meet’ and i was with her in the car we kissed and that, after a month she told me on the phone that she remembered when we were there at the car my hand was shaking a bit, so i freezed for a second when she said that and i told her i was just excited, but this time we will be together for more than 10 minutes and after the trip she is planning to live with me here in Berlin… Help what to do??? :confused:
Thanks in advance peace and love.

Oh dear Omar, you need to tell her!!! If she feels the way you say she does & she is planning to leave everything she knows to be with you, you need honesty, a relationship cannot be based on lies, if it was me, I would not be happy you couldn’t trust me enough to tell me. I personally think it’s not fair to you or her to withhold info such as this. You are planning a very big commitment, if you keep this from her, I believe you may lose her, not because she is fearful, but you were not truthful. I would do it sooner, rather than later, if it is a problem for her, at least you will know. Hope everything works out Tracey x

I think you should start as you mean to go on. Be honest, be upfront about everything in life. Its the best way and the only way youll feel at peace in the long run.

Tell her before you meet up. Give her a chance to get her head around it on her own before you meet up.

If you tell her face to face, she might have an initial reaction of a) why didn’t you tell me? b) how am I supposed to handle this (chances are she’ll know nothing about MS after all)? and c) how can I trust you in the future if you keep something so important from me?

If she cares for you, she’ll still be there.


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Thank you very much everyone for the support i appreciate it :heart:
but the thing is she is in very sensitive and specially the situation right now she is volunteering in a refugees camp in Greece until end of June and then she will stay in Palestine for 1 week before she will come to me in Berlin and as far as i know the things she tells me she is struggling there in the camp and its hard for her so i dont want to put on her this massage which im afraid will totally collapse her, and im afraid of that more than the worst scenario of her leaving me…

Ok and if i wanna tell her should it do it in normal call or video call im so nervous.