Telephone calls

I spend a lot of time sitting in the same place, right next to the phone, hour upon hour. If I am not sitting next to it, I don’t have a cat in hells chance of reaching it before the answer phone kicks in or the caller gives up. So, why is it, that all those hours I sit there it doesn’t ring, but as soon as I go to the loo, or to get a drink, or anything that involves me being away from the phone, the blasted thing rings?! X


havent u spotted the camera in the corner?!

seriously tho this used to frustrate me but i removed the answering machine. i have mobile round my neck and most people know to contact me via it or give me time to get to the phone. if its important they will call back.

*deep breath…*ring ring…


The law of the sod takes over!

I do believe “fate fairies” are listening to me - if I say something won’t happen / has never happened it generally does … and that’s happened too often to just be coincidence!

Apparently, they are watching too!

Emma x

when i do get too the phone its always some bugger trying to sell me something i dont wont or need or someone telling me my computor is going slow or i have been mis sold payment protection insurance ,so i let it go to answer phone most times and ring them back if its someone i wont too speak to. katy

It’s one of the many incarnations of Murphy’s Law (“anything that can go wrong, will”).

I work on the basis that if the call is genuine (family, friend or genuine business-type call), they’ll leave a message. If they don’t leave a message, it wasn’t important. And we have a handset that shows the caller’s number so I can decide whether or not to answer!

I’ve learned the same lesson, when people complain that I don’t answer the phone I explain that I won’t risk breaking my neck to get to it in time.

I rarely get there in time and never if I’m upstairs. You can get the number of times it rings altered (before it goes to answerphone).

Basically thats what answerphones are for. Anyone who knows you should let it ring and ring and ring. We do with my mother!

My elderly grandparents were getting so much phone calls After my granda had a stroke the 4 sons let it ring 5 times then 2 timesso she either calls back or they phone and they let it ring. Works quite well. My other grandma drives me mad sh gets so much unwanted calls she refuses to answer before 5 rings . So it’s always on to the answer machine, she answers in her ‘don’t mess with me voice’ I laugh and sat I’m not selling you anything. So u can relax. It is annoying not being able to get to the phone but having phones that display the numbers and missed calls are a blessing. Annoyingly all doctors, neuro etc are private number so I’ve to answer them all. My phone went nuts when I was new diagnosed it would only ring twice then to to answer machine no reason for it at all. But if you called right back straight away it would ring my ms nurse found that out and put it on my notes lol

We have a system with friends and family that they ring 3 times then stop…wait a few seconds then ring again…if I can I then answer and if I dont they give me time to return from loo or wherever then call again…same signal.

I too wear mobile round my neck in purse and hospital etc only have mobile number to call so withheld is ok no one else has my mobile if not “wanted” calls

Lots of other advice about changing how many times phone rings before going to answerphone etc by others


Why don’t you get a cordless phone? These are portable and you can carry it with you around the house like a mobile phone. They are not that expensive and the battery life on them is very good. To be honest, I thought most people had cordless phones nowadays - I haven’t seen one of the old fashioned corded ones for years. This is the 21st century you know - time to update…!

We have cordless phones, one in every room, but unless I’m very close I can’t get to it in time. I walk, after a fashion, with crutches so I am very slow and I can’t carry anything and don’t always have a pocket. It was just the Sod’s law/ Murphy’s law I was commenting on really. X

Hi Katy,

I just read your post and to say they are really annoying pests. I have now installed a system called truecall which is brilliant I now have no sales calls at all. The system basically answes all your calls before your phone rings.

If you are interested here is the link its



Hi Katy,

I just read your post and to say they are really annoying pests. I have now installed a system called truecall which is brilliant I now have no sales calls at all. The system basically answes all your calls before your phone rings.

If you are interested here is the link its



Most of the junk calls we get are from overseas.
Most of the calls we get from family and friends are also from overseas.
We have to accept that all must be answered.
So just like Emfraserburgh suggests, we let the answerephone handle all calls (but see below).

We have just put in a cordless phone system - and we have not had a single call since!

hyder, I still have a corded phone on my desk.And, it still gets used - there are some functions on it that I do not want to part with.

Any junk calls that have a UK number coming up on 1471 get reports, either to the TPS or the ICO. But this brings up the problem:
You are waiting for a call from your hospital (say). That call comes through a private exchange and 1471 will only get “The caller with-held their number”. If you block all “Caller with-held” calls, the hospital does not get through. A genuine call will usually get a genuine message left - and you can respond to that. You cannot report a "Caller with-held number. On top of this, some tele-pests are hacking their own phone systems to show a phony number. This last week I had a call from 00888888888888

But I turned up a new (to me) trick this morning - record your answerphone message to say “HELLO” and wait for ten seconds. Then record the rest of your message. This will trip the auto-answer on some of the overseas pest-callers, and connect to the real live person reading from their script - who will then get the rest of your message.

Telepests are like compuiter viruses - if you want to stop them, you have to work at it.


Hi Geoff,

I have a telephone system installed in my house called truecall. It filters all calls including automated calls, overseas calls, silent calls ect. I’ve got one I used to recieve between 40 and 60 calls a day.

Since installation it is brilliant no calls from overseas,call centers or anything because it puts you back in control of who you want to talk to.

More info is on the website.



I dont like phones they drive me crazy just for the reasons you say. And whenever try phoning anyone they either dont answer or are not in the office. So for those reasons I detest phones and dont get me started on mobiles GRRRR. Don

Yes, Robert, I am sure that the trueCall is right for you. But, at £100, it is not for me.
The CallSaint and CPR units do almost the same job, at less than half the price.
In fact, if BT had not decided to strip off the incoming codes from international calls, all I need could be done for exactly zero cost (and not much hassle).

As it is, I am quite prepared to lay the handset down and let an unwanted caller burn up his pre-paid bandwidth, or to rhythmically tap the hash-key, and disrupt his prepared script.

There is usually a low-cost solution instead of an expensive hi-tech one.


Last time I got a cold call from a woman asking me to turn my laptop on…apparently it was at risk of being hacked and I needed her help. I was in a ratty mood anyway and needed something to chew on. Enjoyed taking the micky out of her and winding her up…she was getting very irate. I even offered her counselling. She put the phone down on me and spoilt my fun :slight_smile:

Hi Geoff,

No problem I thought I could help you.


Hi Noreen,

Well done you did right this is the notorious Microsoft Support Scam where they call you up at random and say your computer is infected with a virus that is sending out phishing emails. In order to correct the problem they will ask for your credit card details (DO NOT GIVE) and ask for £25.

They will then ask you to go to a website and click a link that is where you will download a virus which will give them total control of your computer.

The important thing to remember is that MICROSOFT WILL NOT CONTACT YOU BY PHONE it is all completed via email so if you recieve this call just hang up. Take a note of the number and report it to the ICO.