lt is oh so quiet...............

We have been plagued for too long with nuisance phone-calls from Mombai. lt got that by midday - starting at 7-30am we would have at least 9 of these calls. And it is no joke when you struggle to get about.

So - having tried the Telephone Preference scheme - which does not work on oversea calls, l decided to try something else.

So l bought a Call Blocker - Shield. [from amazon] - lt has 2,000 scam numbers already listed - and if you ever get a call that is not on this list - all you do is press hash/2 and the number is put on the list.

And now it is ‘Oh so quiet’- This has made a big difference to us. We got that we dreaded answering the phone - and would pick it up and say YES with gritted teeth. Which was a bit embarrassing when it was a friend ringing. My OH did lose his rag with one chap - and told him to FCUK off. Only, for the caller to curse him back - and his mother/father/sisters/brothers/daughters/sons etc. OH did burst out laughing- which only made the caller curse him more.

lt is connected to the main phone in the hall - and works on the 3 other stations as well.

So now our computer details are safe- so are our bank details. And we have not been in a accident - and do not need security alarms or double glazing.

l know of a elderly lady that had a phone-call saying it was her bank. They said there was a problem with the bank and advised her to withdraw all her savings and they would collect it and put it in a safe account. She rang for a taxi to take her to the bank - the driver had driven her before - so he chatted to her and she told him what had happened, and said she wanted him to wait outside the bank for her. The taxi driver took her straight to the police station and reported it. The bank assured her that it was a scam and that her savings were safe. Police looking into her phone account to trace the scammer.

We’ve been absolutely plagued by people who are calling from ‘Microsoft Windows’ about our Windows computer. Sometimes 2 calls in the space of 2 hours. I got so I shouted at the last one ‘we do not have a Windows computer, take us off your list and stop bloody phoning us!’ It failed. Ba*tards.

So thank you, I will be looking into getting one of these call blockers.

Oh and btw, if you get one of these and hang up to phone your bank and check them out, use a different phone to do so, if a mobile, the swines can do something so you think you’ve disconnected the call but you haven’t, you think you’re dealing your bank and all you’re doing is talking to the same scammers. The winkers.


The BT phone with a built-in nuisance call filter is very good too. It strains out 95% of nuisance calls without the phone ringing at all. Funny numbers are sent straight to voice mail, so you don’t miss any respectable calls because real people can leave you a message. A good buy.


We just give the phone to our 4 year old to spread the word of Dr who…

Ahhhh. Doctor Who. Can’t beat Tom Baker. He’s over 80 now!

Jelly Baby anyone?


That’s my doctor…

Bless that taxi driver !! Poor lady !

I’m glad you have found some peace and quiet - for me it’s calls about my accident the one I didn’t have either rah!!!

These things are so annoying your OH’s experience did make me chuckle though

FB x

And mine! I was with Jon Pertwee for one story, before he regenerated into Tom Baker… but I basically grew up with him as the Doctor, so he’s MY Doctor!

I’m polywho. I’ve liked all the doctors.

When I get a nuisance call I press the red button. No-one rings me anyway. It’s bliss.


Maybe that’s where my addiction to jelly babies started ? Green ones of course.

We have caller display and if its a number we dont recognise we don`t answer it. If it is someone who needs us urgently they can leave a message and we will call them back.

Saves doing this.

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