Go away cold callers

I am fed up of cold callers…

If it’s not PPI Insurance, solar panels, accident claims it is now Political Parties…

I will make my own mind up… I am an adult… Your call may have swayed me in another direction.

850am on a Sunday… Really ???


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hi neil

i hate cold callers too.

especially the ones who ring several people, speak to the first one to answer and put the rest on hold,

by the time i’ve hobbled to the phone i am NOT in the best of moods.

tend to shout “f**k off” at the mister nobody.

however i am about to do some phone canvassing for the labour party so please be gentle to me.

no way would i be ringing so early though!

carole x


i am never nasty to the callers… Just politely say no thanks.

like I did to the Labour Party this morning.

all the best



The BT 6500 nuisance-call-blocker phone is pretty good. Filters out the funny-looking numbers so that the phone does not ring but the caller may leave a message if he/she is a proper person. That way you don’t miss any genuine callers who are coming through on the sort of number (you can choose what sort to filter, including withheld numbers) that have been filtered out. Not that there are many!

Of course the nuisances are always finding new ways around, like using things that look like proper phone numbers with an area code. It won’t filter those. But is does deal with the bulk of the nuisance calls. I think it’s a really good product.


Thank you. Unfortunately, I am with another cheaper provider who charge extra for call blocking.

good that the industry are looking to help though.

another lost vote if it continues.

on another note, it’s good to see political parties help with recycling. It’s where all the postal leaflets go.


hi neil

sorry for admitting to cussing down the phone but only after i had said “hello” over and over again.

i actually sympathise with the callers, what a job! probably will get their benefits stopped if they quit.

carole (quite a nice person really)


Hi, we get sick of these calls too. Depending on what mood I`m in, I sometimes play with the caller and end up having a laugh at their expense.

Here are some of the things I have said;

I dont know what youre saying. Im deaf! Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh?

No, I`m not that person. But I am poorly and get very tired. Can you call back later?

I`m on my own and get lonely. Stay and talk to me.

With these replies, I use a child like voice. They usually hang up first!


Are you guys on TPS? I find this cuts all of the nuisance calls out (and it’s free).

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We are signed up with TPS and the MPS for makes no difference they still persist. Apparently the TPS only works on calls in UK - not from call centres in Mumbai.

ditto for what spacejacket says.


Are you ex-directory? If not, change as it seems that a lot of these call centres use the phone book to get numbers from. I’m ex-directory & TPS and don’t get anywhere near the number of calls that my mum and mum in law get, who although they’re TPS reg’d they are still in the phone book…for some reason they don’t want to not be in the book so there’s not much I can do.

You can report the calls to your provider and make it so you can’t receive calls from unknown numbers, but sometimes it will stop a call you want so might not be the best option for you.


Looks like on top of TPS I have ex-directory, I also see my provider (TalkTalk) offers this and blocking international numbers for free. Might be worth checking if yours does the same, I literally get no nuisance calls so the TPS & ex-directory much filter out the majority of them.

You can get with held numbers barred. We have done this and have virtually none now. If any get throught we do say that they are committing an offence as we are registered with the TPS. Works for us.