Cold Callers and Fed Up.

Hello fellow gang members.

Are you as fed up of COLD CALLERS as I am?

In my position and illhealth having to answer these calls is maddeing so I phoned BT today.One idea is to buy a phone that has caller display then ask BT for there FREE caller display,BUT you have to make at least two phone calls a month ot they charge you.You can then see who is calling you.If it is a witheld number it could be some dodgey Cold Caller or a number you do NOT reconise then I will not answer it.

Also BT gave me a number to call,this will not stop all these Cold Calls however it should cut them down.Registering with this company makes it ILLEGAL for companies to Cold Call you.It is NOT illegal for these companys to call you if your NOT registered with this company.

This is an automated service,just follow the instructions,input your phone number when prompted and press the star key on your phone and your done.

This can be done for both home phone,office phone line and your mobile phones.And it is FREE.

Telephone 08450700707

I just registered my home phone number,lets hope I get some peace from these idiots and time wasters.

I hope this helps to cut down those annoying Cold Callers for you all in the UK…


Its a pain isnt it, they always ring at the wrong time as well!

You can register online as well

Ahhh thanks hun.I couldnt remember the website adress.

Fuddled brain as usal.

Its a stuggle to get to the phone that sits two feet away from me and to answer it to these leaches is annoying.


yeh I’m finding these cold calls a real pain too- usually they are from India/Asia and are trying to sort out PPI claims. One day I had about 4 of these calls. I registered with the TPS but these calls from abroad seem to get through. I now just put the phone down straight away or say clearly that I am not interested. They still keep persevering though!!! It is annoying as I need to answer phone incase it is work, my daughter who is at uni or elderly mum. Argh!!!

cat66 it also comes from social networking sites such as Facebook,Beebo etc.

People do not hide there personal information and these spammers get hold of your number and adress and email this way.Also clicking stupid applications via these sites get you hacked and personal information stolen.The worst apps is the who is viewing your profile or see who is stalking you,this is how they can steal your bankdetails and hack your computers.To click “Like” on FaceBook such as local tea ads,perfume,oil of ulay etc gets you hacked and personal data stolen. Just because it says Cadbury Chocolate realy its hackers,we all need to be more aware of these scams.Win this or that again its mostly hackers,FREE Asda and Tesco voucher scams,again hackers.

Oh yes it is usal asian/indian voices on the other end.

Ad your number to TPS again and see if that helps,however it will not stop all thse madening callers just hopefully stop some.BUT international calls mostly cannot be blocked.

Lets see what happens because I even get cold callers from my surrounding area.

I just hope people get a little peace from these ignorant people.


we used to get the silent phonecalls very unerving we have gone on try this link its who we used I can say it works

Al x

Thankyou Al every little bit of help is good help for others.


I no longer recieve unwanted calls 'cos I died on 17 november last year. I answered the phone as my brother during a short spell in hospital. My beloved didn’t like saying this at first,but during a fresh assault by THEM in january she joined in nicely. When there was a call I said I was a friend working on the flat before selling it.

A bit severe for some people to do, but it has worked and I get lonely during the days without the ‘phone parasites’.


ps Even the robot callers have caught on, and we no longer get the silent treatment

  1. I always ask where they got my number from.

  2. I tell them that they are not supposed to call.

  3. I am going to refer the ‘call’ to the police (but don’t really)

  4. I just ‘hang up’.

woblyboy your so like me…

Its not harsh at all.I did this with my first mobile phone,I kept getting cold callers and had my eldest daughter to say I had died.

It so did work…

I have been getting what I thought was a BT text message service but with hel number.It said to press number 1 key if this is you,press number 2 key if this is not you but you know the person,press 3 blah blah blah.If you press a key the phone starts to ring and someone answers but the line is so bad and crackly I cannot hear what the person is saying.But the text message is correct with my name.I put the phone down,again today it happened but I didnt press a key I put the phone down and thats why I phoned BT today.

It was that computerised voice you get like a BT text message service.

I aksed BT about this and they said it certainly is NOT a BT text messaging service he said BT NEVER withold there number.

Another lesson learned,Im thinking I may end up with a huge phone bill if I press a key on the phone again.

I had one called caller she was sooooo cheeky,I told her stop calling me,leave me alone.I put the phone down,the cheeky mare phoned me back and said we reserve the right to call you again.Apparently this is legal to do unless I phoned the number I quoted above.

Honestly they are cheeky,then you get the ones who you simply just put the phone down on them and they keep ringing all day.

You would think that with all this technolagy these days this wouldnt happen and would be a simple fix,such as we can have all or certain countries dial codes blocked.


If you also get a lot of door step traders/cold callers, try giving your local trading standards office a call.

I don’t know if it was a national or just a local scheme, but all we had to do was call them and request a small sign, to go at the front door.

Which states “ Issued by Trading Standards Office: No door step traders or cold callers.” that may not be the exact wording, as I have just typed it in from memory.

That sign has been there for three to four years approx, it is 95% effective, any caller that ignores it and still rings the door bell, when my wife answers the door she just points to the sign, there is a immediate apology from the caller and they leave.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor.

Ive got one of those on my side door as thats the door we use.

Ray now that made me smile…

I will have to remeber that or say me no speak engleeeesh…

Ha ha Ray thats brilliant, will remember that.

What bugs me is when they ring from India and say how lovely the weather is where I live…

(A) How do they know, they are in India!

(B) It usually isnt lovely, its raining!

It is Wales strange indian guy it rains a lot.

Or they will ask for Mr Jones and you say wrong number so they try to get your information.

On the TPS:
Some of the PPI vultures have found a way round the regulations - you get a recorded message. It starts off “This is a recorded message … …”. The call comes from a UK 08 xxxxx number. The TPS do not take complaints about recorded message calls - complain to the Office of the Information Commisioner. But just you try to complain. It is not the easiest website in the world to use. Of course, one could always complain to the TPS about a silent call, just to get the number on record - but that would not be honest, would it?

Someone here posted a tip about using the hash key. It works - and it works on the people with Mumbai (or similar) accents. Just keep presing the hash key and the line will very quickly go dead.


Thankyou DG.That is great information.

Lets hope people follow our tips and they get some peace from these Cold Callers.


l have registered with the TPS - [and the MPS] - but this does not stop the calls from lndia etc. l even checked that l was still registered - online. l do not get in to any conversation - just lay the phone down on the work-top and let them gabble away. lts time the Telephone Preference Service started including calls from out of the UK.


Our local ‘constabulary’’ have provided everyone in my area with a laminated card saying ‘We do not buy from callers at the door’ - on the reverse it gives tel. numbers to ring to check on peoples identity and also the ‘Door Stoppers’ number.

lts a pity that some callers cannot read!!!


I use these techniques but ofter wonder what would happen if I said

“Thank you for your call, I am just doing a survey on people who ‘cold-call’ could you please spare a few minutes to answer my questions? It should only take about 10 minutes!”

I rather suspect by this time they will have put the phone down on you!!! If they don’t try asking the usual questions, sex, marrital status, age etc. then proceed to be more and more naughty until they finally give in. Could it be that your name will very quickly get taken off of these ‘data-bases’?

Go on, have a game with them - you know you want to! Ann