Those unwanted phone calls

A few weeks back, there was a thread about dealing with unwanted phone calls. Most of the suggestions came from Chris R and myself, but there was one from somebody that caught my eye.

This suggested systematically pressing the hash key. I tried this and it works. So much so that it is now my first response to unwanted calls. Silent calls co dead quickly. Recorded calls go dead quickly. And, this morning, I had one of the scam calls about a problem with my computer. so I started pressing the hash key about once every three seconds. It creates a beep. When I heard the caller say “Stop pressing the …” [beep], I thought to myself “YES”.

I have tried to find out who made the original suggestion, but the search tool on this forum seems to be another product from the Chocolate Fireguard Company. So, whoever it was - my thanks, it works a treat.


Great Advice

It was my thread got lots of different advice then, this sounds like it works will try it next time Thanks.


That is such a good idea, wish id read that earlier before a nuisance call this morning. I cant wait for a call now ha ha H

I’ll have to try this, but what I’m wondering is in what way it works?

Is it just to be annoying to the human caller or does it mess with automated machine calling too?

As far as I can tell, it works on the automated systems just as well. The two times I tried it, the call was disconnected within 5/6 presses of the hash key. Thinking about it, it may be that it just disconnects the call - the “human” caller is connected through an automated system.

But, the big thing is that it works.


Oh Gosh - what a typo!


I came back from the grave a few weeks ago to explain that my death on 17 november last year has stopped ALL of the nuisance calls…It works for me


I’ve recently been plagued with calls from people doing a survey on local care services. They call during weekdays and on weekends. Its outrageous and disturbing. I answer the phone as normal but once I know its them again I let the continue to talk but I don’t answer so I keep them on the phone for as long as I can. That way it costs them more money and gives me a feeling of satisfaction that I am wasting there money because they have wasted my time. I’m not suposed to get these calls as I’m exdirectory and put a stop on these types of calls with BT, but these shysters still get through. Shame on them… Rant over but helpful, ;-)) Mary


You could try the Telephone Preferencing Service, Google it for the number.

This only works for calls generated in the UK so you will still get some.

My favourite method for dealing with them is similar to the one suggested.

If I get a call and they ask for Mr Taylor I ask who’s calling and if I don’t recognise them or realise it’s one of them ( you can useually tell ) I say this is security I’ll check if he’s available then put the phone down and leave it untill they hang up.

Childish I know but it costs them and it gives me a smug satisfaction.