robot phone calls


i’m being driven up the wall by phone calls from robots.

“hello mrs c. morris, please press any key to hear the rest of this message”

if i only knew which key it is for “f**k off”.

it takes me ages to wobble to the phone and all for nothing!!

if i don’t answer it, it turns out to be an important call for me.

rant over

carole x

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I hate those types of calls too carole. Only because there’s no one at the other end to vent my spleen on. Swearing at a robot doesn’t quite satisfy me. xx

Good morning Carole

I did tell someone tell someone to f-off, so then, I put an answerphone on my phone, my message on it says that, " I get so many of these calls that I don’t answer the phone so if you want to talk to me leave a message "


What’s driving me up the wall at the moment is the constant stream of calls saying that records show that my house may qualify for a free boiler under a government scheme. It seems even being registered with TPS has no effect on stopping these calls, as they come every day.


The TPS is in the chocolate fireguard class when it comes to stopping calls from overseas call centres (and most other calls).
It seems that a load of UK companies have twigged this and send out recorded messages (often with regional accents).
Some are still calling from UK numbers, however.

If we don’t recognise the number, the call does not get answered. If they don’t leave a message on the answerphone, then it gets reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Apparently, if the business is non-UK based, or it’s not a sales-call, the TPS is unable (unwilling?) to take any action, so seems to be totally ineffective these days at preventing unwanted calls.

Neil, like you I also get pre-recorded phone ‘offers’ on an almost daily basis. If it was a human making these calls, I think by now I’d calmly offer to burn down their business and firmly blame the caller for this extreme ‘retaliation’ !! (…and probably turn myself in to the police.)

Maybe someone here could suggest a solution to go with DoctorGeoff’s thoughts ?

(…but please don’t recommend a call-blocker, as these nuisance callers often ‘spoof’ their telephone numbers …so as soon as you block one, they’re able to use a new one.)

What a shame that the telephone companies themselves don’t prevent these calls. I can only wonder how much guarateed income these calls generate for the telecoms companies themselves and assume that’s why they seem to be allowed ??

Scr*w people …let’s make money!!!

Dom (…somewhat miffed !!)

oh and we get lots of calls because we are entitled to free cavity wall insulation,

we don’t have cavities in our piggin walls!!!

its making me laugh now and its reassuring to know i’m not the only one!!

carole x

Me too. Sometimes, just for the hell of it I ask for their mobile number so that I can call them back about their amazing offer later on in the evening, when we’ll ‘both’ be less busy and have more quality to discuss things in depth…it’s then that they put the phone down on me !