Hi can anybody tell me how long the wait time is from having your first bloods taken to actually getting the medication? I am new to this drug and have had my first bloods taken, but I don’t know how I get the tecfidera or how long it takes to arrive? I can’t get hold of my ms or neurologist for any help and advice

Hi, congrats, it’s a great medication. For me, it took about 4 weeks, though I did go private ro see my Neuro because of waiting lists. That was slightly over 2 years ago. As an aside, here’s a link to a recent Tecfidera thread on here. Might be worth a read. https://community.mssociety.org.uk/forums/everyday-living/tecfidera-50

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Sorry, meant to add, my meds are being delivered by Lloyds. They require a signature.

Hi, I’ve just been prescribed tecfidera and it took about 4 weeks to receive my first prescription from Lloyds but that was over Christmas and new year, I have been on it about 11 days now, so far so good the only side effect is a bit of flushing.

Hey - same for me, about 4 weeks. Nurse said lots of different people have to sign it off along the way so it does take a while to get through the admin of it all. But then once the first lot arrives it’s super easy. The distribution company just call you to arrange a delivery in my case, I’ve never had to call or chase them. Then it gets delivered to the house. Can’t remember the exact name of the company that does it, but it’s not Lloyds, so prob managed slightly differently in different areas x