waiting list for Tecfidera

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all as well as possible. I went to see MS Consultant yesterday & happily she agreed I can be prescribed Tecfidera but, theres awaiting list for it. She said it could be March 2016 before I get it!!! I really wanted to get it asap …like yesterday. So now I play the waiting game & hope I get it sooner. I have another appointment in a local hospital on Monday & the consultant said I should ask them about it just in case they can get it sooner. I’ll keep you up to date. I also want to wish everyone seasons greetings & a very happy miraculous recovery from MS new year!!! Love Helly X.

Sometimes there can be a waiting list because everyone has to have appointments with ms nurses and neuro’s so it takes a while to get through the system because they are so busy. This is also because it’s a fairly new drug and you will need to be monitored on it at the beginning.

Make sure you have made it very clear that you want to start ASAP. Tell them if any cancellations become available to give you a call.

Ive been on Tecfidera 16 months and it’s a good drug. Good luck with it.

Merry xmas and Happy New Year to you too! :slight_smile:


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Waiting for a DMD treatment to start is a bit like waiting for a kettle to boil! Time does some very rum things… For all I know, Stephen Hawkin might have a chapter on that, but I wouldn’t know because I never managed to finish the book. :slight_smile:

I hope the wait is soon over.


Had my Tecfidera delivered within 3 weeks of consultation with MS nurse,maybe things work different in other parts of the country.

what area are you from jak10? i have seen the MS nurse and had tests on the 5th December and i am still waiting

Hi, yes what area are you in? I’m in London & have seen an MS nurse at the National Hospital & she said I could have to wait until March 2016! Wherever you are you’re lucky to have gotten the meds so quickly. I relapsed end of December 2014 & my walking, standing is though slightly better since the end of June 2015 its still poor. Regards Helly.

Hi Helly,I am in Norwich,Norfolk.