Tecfidera Delivery?

I am wondering how long it takes for the delivery company to get in touch about your first delivery? I don’t know who delivers them, is it the same company for the whole of the uk? I saw my MS nurse last Wednesday so I thought I would of heard something by now, I tried to get in touch with my MS nurse to ask but she is on holiday.

if you Could let me know roughly how long it takes for them to get in touch with you or if anyone has a number I can call them on, Thankyou

I saw my MS nurse on the 19th of last month, and the delivery service rang me 2 days ago. So going solely from my experience you’re in the right timeframe still. I don’t think it’s a nationwide company, pretty sure people on here have talked about different ones. I didn’t catch the name she said to me, so I can’t help you with which one mine is.

Hi Disney07

I saw my consultant at the start of May and was told I would be contacted soon, mid May I contacted my Ms nurse as I still hadn’t heard anything and had ran out of my previous medication gilenya, they told me I was scheduled for beginning of June for delivery and would be called by Bupa home care very soon to arrange delivery I never heard from them till 4 working days before they were to come out they arrived on Wednesday and I am on my second day.

I am in west Scotland area not sure if it’s different company’s for different areas.

hope you find out soon.


Here’s the recent thread and replies which discusses Tecfidera delivery recently and number.


That’s definitely not the company who called me, so it is a regional thing.

over in canada, the delivery service is provided by the usual courier firms; such as UPS or FedEx.

i collect mine personally; it saves me from having to endure the wait and i can pay my bill at the same time.

Here is seems to be companies who specialise in medical supplies. The lady I spoke to on the phone identified her company as such, at least.

She’s including a help pack in with my delivery after asking if my MS nurse had given me one, and me not knowing what she was talking about. Plus she made sure I was aware of how it’s 2 weeks of one dose then up to a higher one. So far more informed than just a regular courier service, which is nice :smiley: She said she’d answer any questions that I had, made it clear that they’re not medically trained though, all very professional!

Neurology in Oxford still haven’t managed to set up delivery so I pick mine up from the hospital pharmacy. Now have to pay prescription charge though.


I live in Kent and I have to pick my prescription up from hospital too. My Rebif and Copaxone used to be delivered but they are still sorting out delivery for Tecfidera.


I am in Argyll and bute and my delivery firm is alcura. No problems with them at all. First delivery takes the longest though. All the paper work. Still, they’re brilliant!

I live in the north west and Alcura look after my delivery as well.

They are good as they call me when I am entering my last 2 weeks of Tec and arrange the next delivery. One time they didn’t phone me and it took me quite a few calls to get through and arrange delivery. But they are usually spot on.

My Tecfidera was delivered just after 12 today, and it is Alcura, so maybe they do the whole country? I’m in Lincolnshire.

I had intended to start taking it today, with lunch, but I was starving by 11:30 so had to eat then, so I’ve ended up with the timings not being ideal today. So I’ll start them with breakfast or lunch tomorrow. :slight_smile: