I’ve been on tecfidera since April, I have no problems with it but I keep getting sore throat, flu

like symptoms and having to take to bed for a few days. Just wondered if anyone else experiences this? I’m having to keep going sick from work because I feel washed out!

My concern is that it is affecting my immune system.

Have you had blood tests to check your lymphocytes every 3 months? And are they OK? Lymphocytes are what helps fight infection. It’s known that Tecfidera often lowers them temporarily, but sometimes there’s more of a problem. I’m waiting for the results of my latest blood tests, last month they were a bit low so I had to be retested. Normally you should have your blood tests at least every 3 months for the first year. More often if they show any problems.


I always used to get coughs and colds that would linger. My missus meanwhile would shrug the same lurgy off within a day or so.

I was therefore concerned as to how tecfidera might make this situation worse for me. but it hasn’t. not at all. in fact, i seem to resolve colds more quickly than my better half does these days.

the conclusion, tecfidera provides little impact in such things (for me at least) whilst my healthier diet since diagnosis (fresh fruit, veg, juice, no cow products, minimal fat and eggs etc) seems to have bolstered my immunity to seasonal ailments.

i think you might be suffering some bad luck / could improve the quality of what you eat and drink / probably have kid(s).