your blood on tecfidera

Hi. I just had my yearly MRI, very thorough. No new lesions and some even almost disappeared, yaay! I had my second blood test since tecfidera. 3 mths ago lymphocytes were at 1.4 now at 1.0. I thought it was tough to shake off my cold… Anyway, neuro is ok with anything over 0.8. I still get a JCV test though, results will be in soon. Anyway, what are your lymphocytes readings (white blood count)? Oh and I’m one of the 1 in 10 who never have tecfidera side effects :)) Katy


I’ve only been on it 3weeks so don’t know if its affected my blood yet. I also feel fine on it :slight_smile:

Hi Katy

Question… Are you still on tecfidera? How long have you been/were you on it?

interested to know as it has altered the lesions from your MRI scan.


Yes still on it. Apparently it reduces lymphocytes by about 30% over the first 6 mths then settles for most people.

Ps. Been on it since October

Hiya Katy,

I’ve been on Tec for 10 months.

First 3 monthly blood test i was my usual 1.3 lymph then down to 1.0, then down to 0.7.

Plan is that I stay on Tec just now but have monthly blood checks for the next 3 months and see how it goes, had my first of those monthly ones done this morning along with JC etc

…I seem to go from cold/bug to cold/bug



Hi, thank you. I can’t shake colds off either…blah. Are you JVC+?

my lymph was reduced by 50% at the 3 month stage just before chrimbo; to the ‘low normal’ level. fingers are crossed for no further reductions being found come april.

for me, colds and flu always lingered for several weeks. my wife always shrugged them off in a few days. this has not been the case with a recent dose of the seasonal lurgy. i was rid of the snots and sneezes in about 30% of the time.

i suspect this is mainly due to other, healthier lifestyle changes and nothing to do with the Tecfidera.

Whilst i have nothing clinically precise such as MRI results, i am ecstatic to say that my l’hermittes is no longer with me. I may not be accurate in saying this, but i take such an improvement as being indicative of my spinal lesion healing up.

Again, i do not attribute this to the Tecfidera but instead, to the regressive nature of my disease. However, tecfidera could potentially have been instrumental in ensuring this lesion at least had a chance to heal.

U can always ask for JCV. It is handy info when knowing how low you can go with your lymphocytes…

Hi Katy,

I just got tested today for JCV, so no results yet, so don’t know yet…I’m on antibiotics for my latest bug tho! :-S