Tecfidera and low white cell count

Hi,everyone! Hope you are all as well as you can be. I was just looking some advice on tecfidera and low white cell count. I had my bloods done on Friday, and my white cell count has now dropped to 2.5 (I work in the lab) I know this is not the best result as should be 4 or above. I was just wondering if anyone else as had a low count and how low will the Neuro allow it to get before acting on this? Will I have to come off tecfidera? I feel like total crap at the mo and have done so for about 5 months. Don’t know if it’s to do with this or just my MS in general. Any info or advice would be great. Thanks

Hi Bean

It depends on which bits of your WBC are low. It’s Lymphocytes that they get really bothered about (which are what fight viruses). They should be at 1.0 or above. Tecfidera is designed to temporarily lower them but they should recover within a couple of months. Most neuros will take you off if your Lymphocytes get to 0.5 or below and stay that low for a couple of months without recovering. Some actually recommend that they shouldn’t stay below 0.8.

Mine went down to 0.4 and stayed there after 6 months on Tecfidera. After I stopped Tec, it took about a year for the Lymphocytes to get back to 1.0.


Thanks sue for your reply. I have an appointment on the 27th of November with the neuro so I will assume they r ok unless I get a phone call inbetween times. If I hear nothing I will ask him then. Fingers crossed all is ok, I can’t face new meds again since I haven’t been on the tecfidera that long. Thanks again!

I was taken off Tecfidera as my lymphocyte level had been hovering around.0.52 for 6 months before dipping to 0.47 and was told to stop straight away! 10 months on my lymphocytes are still low but around 0.65. But now ive turned 50 I’ve heard the acceptable level is 0.60. I’m currently having 3 monthly blood tests but when they were lowere it was every month. Sharon x