Tecfidera missed this morning

Hi everyone,

I am on Tecfidera, i usually take it at 10am in the morning and 10pm at night.

I forgot to take it today this morning. I have just taken it at 7 pm. Will it be okay to take it at about 11or 12 oclock tonight ? Or should i not.

Any advice please ?

My advice would be wait till tomorrow and take your usual 10am one.
I occasionally forgot when I was on it and just missed the forgotten one and took one the next one when I’d normally take it, sorry, I’ve not really made that clear have I :joy: only thing I’d notice is I’d maybe have a hot flush with the next one when if I took them all correctly I’d not get the flushes.

Hi, I’ve been on Tecfidera for over 3.5 years and have very occasionally missed a tablet. The guidance is that if 4 hours or more will elapse before your second tablet is due then you can take it as usual. Less than 4 hours and you shouldn’t.
In my experience, missing the odd tablet won’t have much of an impact.