When should I take Tecfidera?


I’ve been taking Tecfidera since August 2016. I’m quite a red faced person in general and the facial flushing is still happening to me. I take aspirin beforehand (30 mins or 1 hour prior) and eat fatty foods (avocado, almonds etc) but sometimes my face will still look like I’ve been sitting in a sauna for 24 hours straight. As a result I take Tecfidera at around 3 pm and then again at around 11 pm to avoid the flushing happening while I’m at work as it is embarrassing and distracting, especially in meetings!

I know the general rule is take the Tecfidera 12 hours apart and I am worried that my timings mean it is having little/no effect. Does anyone know if this is the case? I’ve asked a few different nurses and I can’t seem to get a definite answer. Logically I think it means it probably isn’t having as good as an effect as it should given the levels will not remain consistently high but I am wondering if anyone has any useful info? I’m trying to avoid red face at work.


hi phar

you are doing well to be managing 2 doses.

I received issue 1 of INCONTACT tecfidera newsletter.

there is a freephone support line 08000 727277

and a web group www.incontact-pc-co.uk

good luck

carole x

ps my sister (a lifelong sunbed fan) always tells me i look great with a flush!

Thank you Catwoman! I’ll definitely give them a call and have a look at that group.

Haha - red or pale - what is the lesser of two evils?!

I used to take it in Onken biopot yoghurt, full fat obviously!

I used to avoid hot drinks for at least half hour either side of taking a pill - I’d literally swallow the pill in yoghurt and that helped avoid the flush.

Sadly they decided definitely PPMS so I had to stop it after 12 months.

Good luck

Sonia x

Thank you Sonia! I appreciate the advice I’ll try to resist tea around the time I take it. I’m sorry to hear about your PPMS. x