Tecfidera timings

I’m due to start Tecfidera tomorrow, well that’s the plan, and I was wondering when everyone takes their doses and what works best?

the timing for my doses is entirely in relation to food in my stomach.

i wake up, take my vitamins and aspirin and get around to eating something fairly substantial some time later. During this breakfast i gulp my first dose of Tec.

In the evening, again during a meal the pills get popped. I don’t bother with aspirin, but if a few bevvies have been or are about to be downed, i simply wait to take dose number 2 until i go to bed.

Other considerations for me: paracetamol for stomach cramps; anti-histamines for itchiness.

Good luck Rhi K and don’t worry; any side effects you get will be super mild and short lived.

Thanks Paulo, that’s great. You sound like you have it all covered! Yes I think the key is having a full stomach to combat GI issues. Are you quite relaxed on when you take your second dose or is it dependent on what you’re doing? The minimum time is at least 4 hours between doses and maximum of 12 hours from the last?

Yes, i also take it with a good breakfast (try porridge) and then with dinner. No side effects for me 5 weeks on :slight_smile: all the best! Keep us updated.

Pretty much the only rule i adhere to, is no two doses within 4 hours of each other.

I don’t think i have ever exceeded 12 hours between doses. But I ensure to take dose #2 at the very least before my head hits the pillow.

And that, is that. Too easy!

I am now on week 15.

1st dose after breakfast.

2nd dose after my evening meal.

No more than 12 hours apart. Not closer than 4 hours.

Take it whenever suits your lifestyle. It is easy to do.

Always take after food. Wait at least an hour after the dose before you have any alcohol.

I don’t use aspirin at all now. I’m doing well on this new drug so far. I eat a normal diet.

Good luck


Excellent, thanks for everyone’s advice!! I will post an update after my first day tomorrow x

Found this post useful as I am considering this medication so very interested in the replies especially when to take it. I like a drink in an evening only on a weekend when I’m not working and when on holiday. Don’t drink a lot but I do like a wine or two. So useful to know the above information xxxx

Well it’s the end of day 1 and it has gone well. Aspirin and vitamins taken around 7am and breakfast and Tec at 8ish with a normal lunch and tea at 5ish with Tec. No asprin this time. No flushing at all and have felt a little nauseous, which is fine and manageable. I like a little drink at the weekends but may leave it a week or so to settle in especially after the dosage is doubled. As it has been mentioned in previous comments you need to leave an hour after a dose before you have a drink and it will be fine. xx

Regarding alcohol… i haven’t received any guidance in this regard and due to taking my second daily dose at bedtime, the pills can often arrive in a stomach half filled with once cold and frosty beers.

What immediate side effects manifest, i have no clue of as i am unconscious.

Whether booze can inhibit the veracity of the pharm i also do not know. Considering that the manufacturers of the drug cannot state how Tecfidera is beneficial to those with MS, i do not expect to find out how alcohol affects the efficacy of the drug! maybe they could conduct a trial to find out? (I don’t want to be in the alcohol free placebo group though okay!?)

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Wonder is it ok to take Tecfidera with LDN?

Hi Redman

My neuro said for me to come off LDN before taking tecfidera as there have been no studies carried out to test whether the 2 drugs together may be beneficial or harmful

Jane x

Thanks Jane - I will check with the specialists (if they put me on Tecfidera)

Stephen x

I take LDN alongside techfidera. Although in the leaflet with tec it states no closer than 4hrs I think This is only really in an emergency as biogen’s guidelines are 12hours as they are slow releasing tablets and spread the dose over 24hrs therefore hence the 12hr gap. Side effects will be lessened when taken 12hrs apart

are they?