70th birthday lunch and Tecfidera

Hi everyone .

I am looking for some advice my husband and myself have been invited to a 70th birthday lunch.

I am still trying to get my head round Tecfidera when I can and can’t take it.

I am wondering if it would be OK to take my tec in the morning as usual then will I be able to have a glass of wine with the lunch.then have my 2nd tec at night .

The lunch means a lot to my husband as it is his I am trying not to make to much of a fuss about taking tectifera.

I would be grateful of any help or suggestions.


hi annie

i’m pretty sure it’s ok to take a tec at bedtime.

as long as there’s at least 4 hours between doses.

so go and enjoy the lunch and the glass of wine.

i keep being sick after taking mine so it puts me off going out.

will be phoning gp to ask for some anti sickness pills tomorrow.

still it beats those daily injections!

carole x

let me be absolutely clear…

this is the one and only rule i adhere to when concerning Tecfidera:


that is it. the ONLY rule.

whether i plan to, or already have a belly full of booze, does not come into it.

whether i have eaten, have not eaten, or will soon eat, does not come into it.

whether i have just got out of bed or i am about to go to bed, does not come into it.

it is genuinely that difficult of a drug regime to contend with.

with that said, advice (not a rule) recommends taking on a full(ish) stomach. i try to do that, unless taking right before bed time.

if i am going out on the raz and know i will come home late and intoxicated, and it has been at least 4 hours since my first daily dose, i will pop a pill before heading out.

really, truly, that is it. this is not difficult and thus should not fill you with concern, or worse, cause you to alter or amend those things in life that bring you happiness.