tecfidera & wine

Hi everybody.

I have been on Tecfidera for 6 weeks now and up to now I haven’t had any alcohol as I have not really felt like taking any but today it is my anniversary it is the first time I have felt like having a glass of wine with my dinner as it is only 12% vol I just wondered if anyone as taken some even though it says wait a hour after taking Tecfidera.

Thanks Anne.x

hi anne

take your tecfidera an hour before you want to drink that wine.

i drank half a bottle of merlot and survived to tell the tale.


carole x

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now i want a bottle of merlot!

I regularly wash my tec down with a glass of wine :slight_smile:

Guidance for Tecfidera is to have capsules at least 4 hours apart. On days when I know I want an alcoholic drink I make sure to have the Tec after breakfast then have a late lunch (i.e. at least 4 hours later) with the second one, leaving the evening free for booze.

I’ve been on Tec for around 13 weeks now and I’ve continued to have my usual glass or two of wine most evenings with no adverse effects whatsoever.

Ann Marie xx

Hi all,

compared to most of you I must be a real soak. I drink regularly - up to 5 days a week but not to excess and have had no reaction. On one occasion I drank too much red wine and woke in the night with extreme pins and needles in my scalp. They felt like genuine needles. Sorted by antihistamine.

I think if you follow the guidelines, ie no spirits within an hour of taking it you’ll be fine. Obviously everyone needs to find their own level.

great FB group for Tecfedira patients with plenty of advice



really have experienced absolutely nothing due to taking tecfidera and continuing with my exact same alcohol consuming bevvie regime


I’ve been T-total since starting but thinking as I’ve been fine on Tec I may start again when Pimms season starts!