What time do you take your doses of Tecfridera


just want to know what time u take your tablets? Mine at 6am and then 6pm. But thinking I don’t fancy waking up at 6am over the weekend to take my tablet. Many thanks

i take mine half way through breakfast (whenever that might be) and then immediately before bed (again, whenever that might be).

i feel it is more important to have a favourable context to the dosing, rather than an optimal timing.

But if specifics are desired, then as a rough guesstimate, i would say

dose 1 = 9am;

dose 2 = 11pm

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So it doesn’t have to be 12 hours between doses?

I think the rule is a minimum of 4 hours between doses. So while the optimum would be longer than that, many people take theirs with breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner. Or as Paolo does breakfast and bedtime.

12 hours is optimal. it’s a ‘would like’ more than a ‘must have’.


I take my pills at what ever time suits me. In the week it is easier to fit in with breakfast and tea but at the weekend it varies. No problems, so do whatever suits you. As long as it is more than 4 hours between doses you are fine.


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I take mine with breakfast 9 ish and one with evening tea 6 ish.


Thank you all, was worried I had to stick to 12 hour window.

I often take my 2nd one with my lunch if I’m feeling particularly paranoid about forgetting to take it in the evening (which I often do). Though I just as often end up having to get up out of bed to go and take the 2nd one because I still managed to forget it!

One day I completely forgot the 2nd one, so I took that one with some breakfast the next day, then set a 4 hour timer to take that morning’s actual tablet at lunch time. When the timer went off I had no idea what it was for, and in the end that catch up pill in the morning was the only one I took that day so I ended up a full day behind

Didn’t fancy taking 4 in one day the next day, I’ve not had any problems with the Tec but I didn’t want to push my luck so I did 2 days with 3 doses. I wish I could develop a routine that would make me less likely to forget that 2nd dose, but I’ve not managed that so far. It’s things like this that are more of a problem for people who live on their own, isn’t it.

i take mine when i have eaten something substantial.

this is not always at breakfast.

i don’t have a regular time but as paolo says just make sure at least 4 hours between doses.

carole x

Hi ime contemplating asking to go on tecfidera, I’ve read about side effects but would like to hear from users & if they have experienced more positives with their condition whilst on it . X

Iam about to meet with my ms nurse to ask about DMDs it’s terrifying reading, I don’t really want injections so have been reading about tecfidera I would appreciate feedback from users . Thanx guys X

get tecfidera. just do it. it’s an easy decision.

if you do get on it and start to suffer side effects (and that is a big IF) then come in here and start a new thread asking for help, or just search through the forums. you will find they are easily managed and short lived.

just make sure you start the tecfidera gradually. :slight_smile:

good luck!

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Yes, agree. Just go in there with the biggest positive mind set you can muster. I came off Plegridy injections about a month ago. Started Tec and will be into week 3 tomorrow. Loads of info, advice and help on here. I’ve had absolutely no problem at all. I don’t do breakfast, so have first dose with my lunch around noon. As advised by people on here, I “sandwich” it. For example, cheese sandwich, tablet, then yoghurt. Same dinner time in the evening. Halfway through my meal, I’ll swallow tablet with water, carry in eating. First 3 days I had the burning face, which I found comical, but since then, nothing. I’m a whole lot happier on Tec. Also reassured that I am having bloods closely monitored every 3 months. :slight_smile:

I was on a Tecfidera trial.

I was told to make sure there was at least 4 hours between doses.

I was also told to make sure there was no more than 12 hours between doses.

I think this is the general rule.

I’ve been on Tecfidera for 19 months now.


Hi Jelly(!)

I leave mine by the kettle, where I will see the card of tablets every time I make a drink. As the card comes printed with each day on it, and AM/PM, you’ll always know if the tablet has been remembered or not. Why can’t all blister pack medication come like this by the way?! :-/

the only way to reasonably do this, would be to ensure you always take it precisely 12 hours apart!

I’m sorry Paolo - i don’t understand!

If you take the first dose at for e.g 9am - you just need to make sure your second dose has been taken by 9pm.

Why is the only way to reasonably do this is take them exactly 12 hours apart? please explain.

As long as doses have at least 4 hours apart it doesn’t matter.

I was told by my neuro not to go any longer than 12 hours between the 2 doses of the same day.

Obviously - there might be over 12 hours between doses if you are talking of going into the next day.

I am talking about a daily intake of the 2 tablets.

The clinical trial i was on was very strict and the rules are stringent or you are kicked off the trial.

These are the guidelines for Tecfidera and they remain the same since the trial.

I am putting out this information so people can choose if they want to take the medication correctly or not, The drug has been in strict clinical trials so i personally decide to follow their recommendations.



Thanks Paolo. It’s important for the new people to ms and Tecfidera, get the correct information.

So… 2 tablets in one day. At least 4 hours between doses. No more than 12 hour apart.

Eat something with each dose to minimise side effects.

To minimise stomach problems - do not drink alcohol within an hour of taking your tablets.

Women - be aware that Tecfidera can make some oral contraceptives less effective. So if you want to avoid possible pregnancy then a barrier method of contraception needs to be used( as well. as or instead of hormonal types)

Best wishes