Tecfidera-how soon did you notice change?

Hello ms family,

just wondered for those who are on tecfidera how long did it start to take affect? Did you notice improvements, putting aside the side affects?

I start next Tuesday.

Many thanks all

keep well x

hi hasti

the point of DMDs is to reduce the number of relapses and residual disability.

it is not going to make you feel any different.

at least you will have the knowledge that you are fighting back.

c x



As Carol says, the improvement you get with DMDs is to make things stable & reduce relapses, rather than improving or reducing specific symptoms. Some people may notice little things get better, but I don’t know how common or likely that is.

I’ve been on it since Christmas, and so far so good. Good luck with them :slight_smile:


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Thank you both. I start tomorrow so excited x