Still waiting for effects…

Hi All,

I love reading all your posts, so interesting and lots of positivity in the responses.

Recently diagnosed with RRMS and now started Tecfidera.
Can anyone else who is on this give me some idea of when they started to see their current replapse symptoms start to disappear?
I’ve only been taking it for 5 weeks, just started my 6th and I must of gotten my hopes up that the difference would happen quicker.

I’d be grateful for any advice or knowledge on this drug.
I have asked my MS Nurses and they suggest I wait a couple more weeks, so they don’t really know either. :thinking:

Thank you all very much for reading.
Stay well.
Ellie :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Hello Ellie

I thank you on behalf of all the regular posters (maybe you’ll end up one of them?) for your nice comments.

As you’ve no doubt read, MS is sometimes called a ‘snowflake’ disease, no two cases are the same. We share many symptoms but in total, our MS is always very individual.

So relapse remission is equally a weird and individual thing. You do need to remember that whichever DMD you’re taking, it’s designed to reduce the number and severity of relapses. It doesn’t speed up remission of existing relapse symptoms.

Sometimes the symptoms of a relapse start to get better, ie remit, quite quickly and obviously. Other times, it’s so slow you feel like you’re stuck with that symptom for good. But then one days, maybe months later, you suddenly realise that your MS hug, weird pins & needles, weakness, vertigo, whatever the symptom is/was is improved or even gone completely.

This has happened to me time after time. After some years, you might find that some of the relapse symptoms don’t completely remit. But then, as you’re on a decent disease modifying drug, you may get few or no relapses.

I certainly hope so anyway. It’s brilliant that there are so many DMDs now available. Those of us who didn’t have the drugs to ward off relapses might envy those of you more recently diagnosed, but we don’t (or at least I don’t). We’re pleased and happy for you that your experience will be so much better than ours.


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Hi Ellie!
My close friend was taking Tecfidera for a month or so before she’ve seen some results. She said she was ready to give up in one point cause there where no results. Her doctor insisted that she continues with the pills and now she is very glad she did) It is difficult to be patient sometimes and probably worth it at the end. Good luck!

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