Thought it was about time I joined and introduced myself as I’ve been viewing the forums and mssociety site since around January 2014 and found every ones views and opinions helpful. So much so that I normally found the answer to my question without needing to join and ask personally.

I began relapsing just before Christmas 2013 involving sensory symptoms and progressing to double vision early January. After going to the emergency eye clinic I was fast tracked to see the neuro registrar quickly. Who then scheduled an Mri and lumber puncture ( never again! ) within 2-3 weeks leading to my diagnosis of RRMS in February.

While that might seem like a quick diagnosis in retrospect I have had a few minor and major relapses since at least 2010 that have always been put down to over worked, run down, pinched nerve for sciatica like symptoms on numerous occasions or stress for double vision relapse despite stating I wasn’t overly stressed at the time. Thankfully in 2013 I moved and found a good GP that listened and took everything into account. My new GP sent me for loads of blood tests to rule out stuff out before referring me to a neurologist. Funny thing is I already had an appointment to see the same ms specialist a few weeks before my actual diagnosis but it got put back a few weeks while waiting for my MRI and Lumbar Puncture results.

Since diagnosis I’ve been on Rebif until my liver decided it didn’t like it and I happily had to stop the injections. I may have had a mild sensory relapse around June 2014, hard to tell when things are fluctuating all the time. I then had a major relapse before Christmas 2014 continuing to February 2015 involving sensory, bladder, motability issues and fatigue which I think was caused by the motability issues. Still waiting to start Tecfidera as its one of the few DMDs that don’t effect the liver. Hopefully should be sometime in April.

Really hoping Tecfidera helps as I’m starting to notice a pattern for major relapses occurring every year around Christmas. My supposedly stress related double vision was around Christmas 2012.

Think that is more than enough.

I’d like to thank everyone for their help and advice over the last 18 months while I was lurking on the forums :slight_smile:


hi baz

tecfidera is a good one but its side effects can be difficult.

i’m now 6 weeks into it and they have settled down.

the initial week on low dose is a doddle but beware the higher dose.

it is vitally important to eat beforehand. take an aspirin for the flushing etc.

however 30 mins after my first higher dose tablet i vomited.

same again the 2nd day.

3rd day i missed because my throat was sore from the stomach acid.

anyway i developed a plan to eat something else immediately after the tablet.

so breakfast is cereal and fruit, tecfidera then toast. sort of trapping it between 2 lots of food.

it works a treat so if you have the same problem give it a try.

also with the evening meal my plan means that i must have dessert for medical reasons!!

carole x

Hi Baz,

Welcome to the forum. I’m glad you’ve found a few answers whilst lurking in the background. I did much the same when I first came here about three years ago, I think I spent about six months lurking. You were lucky to get a quick diagnosis (I mean lucky it was speedy, not lucky it was MS), some have to endure repeat testing and uncertainty for many years. What you say about relapses in the previous few years is pretty usual - many of us have been thought hypochondriacs, malingerers and the like before diagnosis. But after diagnosis, past symptoms and episodes start to make some sense.

As you’ve discovered with Carol’s post above, if you ask a question someone will soon appear to share their experience on the matter.

Hope you get on OK with Tecfidera, I’ve no personal experience of that one.