Teacher needs ideas for lightweight folding rollator

Hi all,

I’m a teacher and am looking for a lightweight, folding rollator to use for ease of stability and carrying heavy bags - stick holders needed too.

It needs to support the stuff I need to ‘carry’ but easily foldable to get in and out of a taxi every morning.

I have been looking but feel a bit overwhlemed so any reviews or recommendations gratefully received!

Jay xx

Hi there! Not much help I’m afraid- I have one of those shopping trolley’s like a crate for my stuff. Anyhow as a fellow teacher good luck for first week back!!! Can’t believe where 6 weeks goes. I’m back on Monday and looking forward to it- new head, new head of department and 3 NQTs! Plus I’m down to 3 days! Take care, Kx

Hey, I’m a teacher too and dreading going back. I’m amidst a relapse and have to go to hospital monday, tues and wed for IV steroids at 11am each day. So it means going to school, then to hospital then back to school. And have to keep the cannula in :-s

I havent had IV steroids before, only oral ones and I spaced the dose out through the day with them so I dunno how am gonna feel. Being a full time teacher is hard at the best of times, but this has come at a bad time. Have only been definitely diagnosed a couple of months so not finding things easy.

:frowning: x

Hi K and Whitey,

I know how you both feel - I call it ‘the fear’ - been teaching 10 years and I still get it, every year!

I used to be full-time when first diagnosed 4 years ago but found it difficult with relapses etc. so moved down to 70% and now, since last year am 50%. In the end I had to realise my health needed 2 days off and, even though I had to give up 2nd in dept, I can just enjoy my teaching now - and I do! It is frustrating but I try to just be grateful I am still there after numerous amounts of time off over the last 4 years.

K - your situation sounds fun! Hope it goes well.

Whitey - I wish you well with the steroids - I tend to feel high as a kite when on them and have much more energy but they give me diarrohea (too much information?!) If I were you, I’d have the week off, look after yourself for a week rather than wearing yourself out and go back the week after but we are all different I know.

Well, Ofsted is imminent when I get back as we narrowly escaped it last year and are now overude a visit. That’s what I have to look forward to!

Good luck guys, keep in touch,

SJ xx

Have you tried contacting “Access to Work”?

I have a four wheeled rollator with a seat. Under the seat is a fair amount of storage - probably limited by wieght.

It folds easily to store on the back seat or boot of a car.

I can’t remember whether it was provided by a Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist but it was free and set for my height.

If I take my rollator, then there is no need for sitcks or crutches. Plus my walking action is better.

There is a lightwieght rollator on the popular online auction site for £50 inc postage which looks very similar to mine, but I would recommend you try the Access to Work and Physio/OT routes first.

Hi all

I too am a teacher and did use a rollator [4 wheeled square with seat which lifted up for storage]. Worked for me as I was able to ‘transport’ a few files/resources around. I did eventually leave this in school as it became difficult for me to fold. Local physio dept provided this. It served its purpose while I was still able to walk, but I also had a part-time support worker [paid for by Access to work].

Am now full time in wheelchair and have just heard from Access to work - I have been awarded full time [39 hours] support. It’s worth pursuing this if you haven’t already. I did find it hard at first [as I wanted to remain fully independent for as long as pos but having a person to carry/get stuff from a to b gives me more energy to teach!

Sorry - didn’t mean to go on.

Good luck for Monday everyone.

Jody x

Hi all,

Yes, I already have a support person with me paid for by Access to Work, taxis now I can’t walk to work anymore and quite a lot of equipment for my classroom. I hadn’t thought about rollator through them as I will use it at home too.

I mainly need it to carry my bags to and from my classroom (my support worker starts later than me on some days due to childcare). I’m happy to pay and I have seen quite a likely one for £50. It makes me feel more independent to manage myself whereas when walking with my 2 sticks I find it very difficult to carry anything without wobbling over!

Best wishes to all of you for the new term xxxx