Taxis and wheelchairs


Can anyone give me advice on using taxis with wheelchairs. If and when I start to use chair I will need to get taxis around and need some advice on how easy it is. I don’t drive more’s the pity now.


I am a regular wheelchair (powerchair) taxi user so I can share my experiences.

I usually book my taxi in advance because the local firm only have a few accessible cars.

My chair is not crash rated so I transfer onto a taxi seat. There are two types of vehicle. One is a transit van type (people carrier I suppose but without the first row of seats. ) Entry into the taxi is from the side, the driver puts out the ramps and I drive in. The second type has entry from the back – the ramps seem quite steep on this one and the driver has always put the chair in and out for me. I have found the drivers to be very helpful and patient. After the first time it’s easy peasy.

A lot of places seem to have the more traditional London type cabs and I think you just drive up ramps into the seating area but I’ve never used one of those.



I use a taxi to & from work each day. I transfer and then the driver folds up the chair & puts it in the boot. The drivers are always very helpful. When I call up for the taxi I tell them I’m using a wheelchair but that I’m OK to transfer so a normal car is fine. If you needed to stay in the chair then let them know so they send the right type of car. Like Jane says, there’s two types - either a black cab or a large people carrier type of car, which then has a ramp.

I use the same company so all the phone operators know who I am, and the drivers have usually taken me somewhere before. It’s all very easy & convenient.


hi there i’m a taxi driver and do lots of work with people in wheelchairs as my taxi has a ramp which comes out onto pavement.When person in taxi the chair can be restrained with straps and theres also a lap belt which goes around chair so there’s no need to transfer to seat…you will find absolutely no problems using taxis as drivers of hackneys are used to wheelchair work…

hope this helps