Tale of a Pressure Sore

I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in 1994 and have been confined to an electric wheelchair with a chin control for 17 years.The last bit of control I had was my left hand from which I could use a computer mouse.Thankfully everything above my neck is unaffected.
About 3.5 years ago MS Matters published an article about the animations I had done on my computer.At the time I had just finished one about a rollercoaster ride.Shortly after this article I developed a serious pressure sore at the top of my leg.This meant along stay in bed lying on my side in awkward positions and been moved every two hours even during the night.Cellulitus became a regular occurrence.Taking so many antibiotics led to c-diff.Everything was just a nightmare. After ten months there was no real appreciation in my wound.Which was about two inches round and about an inch and a half deep.I went into hospital for a surgeon to look at it with a view of possibly closing it.He would not even think of doing anything with it.He recommended Vac Therepy.The idea behind this is that a vaccuum pump attached to a dressing around the wound creates a negative pressure on the wound.It should encourage healing by reducing any pressure on the sore.This all sounds good in theory but not too good in practice.Because of where the wound was a proper seal was very rarely made.This treatment in the end caused more damage than good.After two and a half years of only spending a couple of hours a day out of bed and quite a few really bad infections I became very anaemic.I was once again taken to hospital.The doctors were shocked to see my haemoglobin level was 3.2.It should be around 13.I wondered why I felt alot more tired than usual.
After thirteen units of blood and cameras sent down my  throat and up the other way nothing sinister was found.My medication was changed and I was told not to take Diclofenac with Warfarin again as it can cause internal bleeding.I had been taking these tablets for about 8 years and nobody had said anything about them before.
After two weeks I was released from hospital feeling much better.Being quadroplegic in hospital is a nightmare but thats another story. Anyhow within a week of being back home my pressure sore showed small signs of improvement.After six months I was my old self again.I had lost what little use I had in my left hand through being in bed so long.I wasn't about to stop using my computer though
Now I have a hands free mouse called a Smart Nav 4 which is brilliant.I'll put a link to their website at the end of this.Basically its an infrared camera which follows a reflective dot stuck on the bridge of my glasses and moves the mouse icon around the pc monitor wherever I look. Don't go outside with it on though because people think its part of a new religion.."What's the deal with his dot" they ask my carer.
I'm pleased to say that my life is back to how it was 3.5 years ago.I have finally finished a fifth animation which I started in 2008.I'll leave a link to that too.Please take look at it.

Anyway if you're suffering from a pressure sore that doesn't seem to be improving I would highly recommend an anaemia test.

Hi mollcat

What a dreadful time you have had in order to get rid of a pressure sore. The inability of the medical profession to consider the obvious and check basic things ie. a full blood count etc. is astonishing. I am thrilled you have got your health back to what it was 3.5 years ago.

Your gadget with the reflective dot sounds amazing and I had a good laugh about your new religion!

Had a look at the animation -great work,you must be proud of it.

Keep well,

Teresa xx

Glad you are feeling better now. Had a look at your animations, they are fantastic. Well done.

Bl**dy heck, just looked at the video - I'm well impressed! It might have taken a long time to make but that awas time well spent :)


Thanks everyone.I was determined to finish that animation.I suppose it helped by giving me something to aim for..

Cool vid chum...keep bangin' the rocks together!


FANTASTIC! i hope you dont mind but ive shared it on FB for all to see, in particular my son who has self taught himself how to play guitar after us all having to put up with him thumping away on guitar heroes for years.

determination is a wonderful thing and you should be very proud of yourself.


No no I don’t mind about facebook.Hope your son keeps at it.

Hi, well what a tale! I really admire you for all the courage and determination you have, not only to battle with extreme disability, but to put your talents into reality.

Many many folk, complain about their lot in life, when there is someone as severely affected with Ms as you, can show there is still plenty of life to be lived.

I think you are marvelous. Do keep coming on here to let us know how you are doing.

much luv, Polly xx

How were egg whites administered fried,poached, boiled or benedictined?I don’t think my carers would do that. ha ha. What a mess. Thanks for all your kind thoughts.