taking a break...

Hallo all on this wet Bank Holiday Monday.

I`ve been feeling mind muddled, so have been clearing clutter in the house.

I think I need a break from the site too…trying not to dwell so much on being disabled.

Plus typing new posts and replies now takes ages and is so tiring and frustrating.

I send all members, old and new, my best wishes.

luv Pollyx

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Best wishes to you too Polly. I find replying to posts on here very difficult as well. And I think it’s quite hard to ‘switch off’ from feeling disabled so having a break will do you good, take care.

Rosina x

Enjoy the break Poll. I’ve been getting out more when weather nice…even if it does leave me feeling tired.

Breaks of any kind are good

See you when you get back!

Take care, Noreen


enjoy the break! i have just had a month off…

ellie x

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Enjoy your break Polly. We all need to think about other things rather than being “disabled”. Totally agree. Have a good break. Linda x

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Hi Poll,

Agree with your frustration with this site, the heart seems to have gone out of it a bit.

Think of being away as being on a holiday time to take a break from thining about all your symptoms. Be positive and find something new to do with your time. reading, making loom bands, knitting???

Have a lovely time and hope to hear from you when you get back.

best wishes,

Jen xx

Hi Poll.

Will miss your replies on here and you funny stories which have put a smile on all our faces. Time to think about you now me thinks.

I know we will keep in touch in other ways matey!

Luv Shazzie xx

Take care Poll!

We will miss you