Why are holidays/breaks so tiring?

Hi folks

Why are holidays so tiring? You plan and look forward and come back tired… Mind you, most times just getting out of bed is a challenge!it’s absolutely ‘tipping in down’ here, I hope everyone is safe and dry and that you have a good weekend, take care and be safe M

I just can’t imagine I’ll every go abroad again. Doesn’t really make me sad. I travelled a lot pre MS. Can’t bear the thought of all the hassle of ‘getting there’… and then the hassle of ‘getting back’ again.

If only they would invent that beam machine from Star Treck!

Think I’ll stick to Blighty and even a weekend at seaside can be too much, although I love to see the sea.

Have a good one… ooops just started raining… again…

Pat x Beam me up Scottie…

Hi H

Just had a lovely short break in Devon, but now I feel like I ran the marathon instead.

It’s great to have a change of scenery, but if you know which shop you buy “energy” in,

please let me know!!!

Raining here again, surely the canals are full now


Hi Pam, yeah I wish I knew that shop that sells energy!

Just been watching scenes of the bad weather on news. Terrible. Very windy in London with huge clouds. Luckily not much rain.

Hope you’re doing well and so glad you had a nice time in Devon. Lovely county. But such a shame to be so exhausted now.

Have a nice evening.

Pat x

Is the ‘energy’ shop a snicker OR a blueberry muffin? if only you could be beamed there and back… I am awake and dressed shock horror!

Take care folks, M

Is the ‘energy’ shop a snicker OR a blueberry muffin? if only you could be beamed there and back… I am awake and dressed shock horror!

Take care folks, M

Hi, I am also finding holidays an extra chore. we go away in our camper, but I find I am wanting to come home before the due date.

The packing and gathering of stuff we need is growing, as my condition worsens. Last time we took my etac patient turner, as transfers are becoming more and more difficuklt. At home i use a hoist, but can`t drag that off the ceiling and fix it up in the van!!!

We do keep a lot of stuff in the van permanently, but there`s still so much to pack.

On holiday i use site facilities, but am concious of others wanting to use them too…there is only ever 1 disabled unit.

Our last venture was over 7 days, I wanted to come home after 5. Our next jaunt is for 5 days…it`ll be enough for me.

And to think how much I used to love going away…never wanted to come home!

It`s a different tale now though.

Shouldnt grumble, as some folk dont get any hols, eh? Sorry!

luv Pollx

You are so right about holidays being tiring. Every time I go away I promise I’m going to just slow down and enjoy it. But, I do too much as usual…lol.

I’ve just booked a holiday for me and hubby for his 50th Birthday in October. This time I must pace myself …and him too, the poor old crock…lol.

Hi Buffyanne… just wanted to say hi.

Been a while since we’ve seen you and hope you’re doing ok.

Pat x